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Which is best GHOSTS or BO2


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Owning BO2 myself, I'd dare to say... Avoid it. I've had too many freezes/glitches, both in the Campaign and Multiplayer Modes (Zombie included). Still speaking of Multiplayer: lately I'm encountering a lot of cheaters which have stuff like Aimbot/Unlimited... What you call them in English... Killstreaks/Scorestreaks rewards.

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In terms of multiplayer both have issues (Ghosts: oversized maps, very fast time to kill; BO2: offline latency, unbalanced weapons)

Generally Ghosts is a pretty boring online experience with very long waits to come into contact with enemies while Black Ops 2 is more fast paced but can also be more frustrating.

I would reccomend BO2 only for Zombies which is a pretty unique and fun survival mode, though you would have to buy DLC for decent maps (Die Rise and Mob of the Dead are best IMO)

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Honestly I would go with Ghosts, I never really understood all the hate it gets, I really enjoyed the story & the ending was pretty good too, it makes you want to play the sequel. But I do prefer zombies over aliens & as for the multiplayer, I've only played off-line split-screen so I'm not the best person to ask about that.

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Both are shit, get Battlefield 4 instead, Proves more of a challenge but makes sure you're not constantly killed by hackers/quickscopers/killstreaks


Battlefield 4 on the last generation consoles is a glitchy and almost unplayable mess. I've never seen a CoD in as bad a state as the PS3/360 versions of Battlefield 4 is in right now. The PS4 (and I'm assuming Xbone too) version plays fine but it is still nowhere near as stable as Ghosts which is slightly understandable due to how much more is going on in BF4. 


To the OP, I originally really disliked Ghosts multiplayer (I though the campaign was enjoyable) but after understanding how to play it and how much different it is to Blops II I started to really like it. It isn't my favorite multiplayer in the series but it can be very enjoyable with a decent lobby. Blops II on the other hand, I enjoyed that one from the beginning. The connection doesn't feel as good as Ghosts but in my opinion the maps are better which makes the games more fun to play. 


If you want a primarily multiplayer experience I'd go with Blops II, if singleplayer is more your thing (and you're only going to get 5-6 hours from either game) I think Ghosts is the better option there. 




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Are these your first Call of Dutys? Because if they are you won't feel many of the issues most people have, the problem is franchise fatigue....I myself have gone through 8 Call of Duty's and decided to not get Ghosts. (So I can't tell you what its like)

Black Ops 2's campaign was interesting as they gave you a bit more freedom with choice, and at the end of the day a short explosion filled campaign is always enjoyable. Multiplayer is alright if a bit unbalanced but if this your first experience then you probably will get into it (It was by far a better game than MW3)

Zombies was ok but Tranzit can't compare to the old zombie maps like Der Riese....(If you do get it try to pick up Nuketown Zombies or Mod of the Dead)

If you haven't played any of the older CoD's then definitely think of picking up CoD4, World at War or the orignial Black Ops.

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