Physical copies with EU list on NA acct?

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I have never done regional stacking, but after completing the NA Vita version I'd love to do the EU list. Seeing as it was delisted long ago, are there different  PH copy versions of this game that load the EU or NA lists regardless of your accounts region? If so, how would I identify an EU physical copy that was for sale?


Alternatively, if I were to make an EU account on my Vita and insert the same PH copy I just platted the NA list with, would it load the new EU list?


Since I've never gotten into region stacks I have always wondered how stacking works with physical copies of games.


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It will be the PAL Version. Will have a Numbered Letter (3 or 7 =Green, 16= Orange, 18= Red) that replaces the ESRB (PG,T, M, AO) labels.


Different Stacks are no issues. They just load up a different trophy list. PSVITA is region free.


Good Luck,, Spiderman is BS price now. 


PAL version most of the time are cheaper than NA copy though.

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You can't easily run multiple regional accounts on a Vita - unlike Ps3/4/5, you can't have multiple accounts on a Vita. So physical is the way to go.


For regional stacks, the list is linked to the region of origin for the physical copy of the game, not the region of the account. So playing a EU copy on an NA account, will load the EU trophy list.


For Vita games, the great news is that they are all region free - meaning you can import games from all over the world and they will work on your North American Vita. I have dozens of Japanese and European physical Vita games. Just be aware that you can't buy DLC for games from other regions (because you can only have one account on your Vita).


For Spiderman, you can definitely import the game from any EU region and get that EU trophy list. To tell an EU vs NA game, the easiest way is to check the cover. EU games have PEGI ratings in the lower left side of the cover and on the cart -


These are PEGI EU listings for Spider Man


NA versions of the game will have the black ESRB ratings on the cover (your typical E-T-M black letter box).


Hopefully that gives you all the info you need to start importing!



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