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are hut champion points only obtainable Monday through Thursday?


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Someone told me seasons end on sunday, but i have no idea if you can earn points any day or only during a season?  Really want to start working on this, but I have asked around and no one seems to know.  Should I wait until thursday reset to start the grind?


Thanks, super to new to this game, and have a lot of work ahead of me.  Suck at online so much. 




...suck offline too


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okay, so not 100%, but from what I can gather:


you don't get points from playing out of season?  Or at least someone said save your points until Thursday, so I assume they mean you don't get points out of season.  Sucks because it will definitely be a grind for me.


I think maybe people don't play out of season, or maybe hut rivals isn't that big(?), so not a lot of people know.  i will test it tomorrow and check, I just don't want to keep embarrassing myself online unnecessarily haha.


I saw someone mention afk grinding, but i have no idea how you would afk grind an online mode.  I will update if they reply.  I don't know if this will help anyone, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to post it in case someone else searches, as the answer is not anywhere I can find online.

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In the store there is a free pack that gives 1000 HUT Champion points and refreshes every week from when you last opened it so for the qualifying for HUT Champions trophy you could just open two of those and then redeem to qualify for HUT Champions without even playing a single online game.  Otherwise Rivals and HUT Champions award HUT Champion points but if you are bad online and not enjoying it no need to play if you don't want to.  Just make sure you get trophies like this done in the next month since they kill off these modes when the new game drops.

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I grabbed 3 of the packs, 2 of them are sitting in my inventory saying i am trying to redeem too many.  i think I have to qualify first, so I am guessing I have to wait until Thursday to redeem them, or they won't count?  I need a rivals pack as well, and wanted to kill 2 birds with 1 stone,


Hut champion, meet your match, and how prestigious are the only trophies i have to worry about, the rest can be done offline (i think)


Worried about hitting chel rank 50.  I was told I could hit 50 solo, but I am well over halfway done with all the pro am challenges, with a healthy amount of 1's and 3's, including a win in each, and only rank 25.  1's is hard for me to win usually, takes a bunch of games to progress through, and only awards a small amount of xp for the long wait time.  I am new, and its mainly vets that are left playing.  that is going to be the worst bit most likely, unless rivals pack takes a bunch of wins, as my team is a lowly 85 ovr.  I wish I could level chel solo, even if it took 4x as long, I enjoy playing alone,


Thanks for letting me know, I didn't realize they immediately killed it.  that seems  a little sudden, doesn't make a ton of sense.

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