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Bravo Zulu P-26 Trophy


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I've seen a lot of videos on YT about this trophy and in most cases, as well as the guide here they are suggesting fighting Phear Lap on roulette 6 of King Dice, or Hildaberg on Easy.  Both are valid suggestions and can be done on those stages.


If you are having trouble though, I actually would recommend Mr. Chimes or roulette 9 of King Dice.  Some people have had issues with this monkey yet I think it is one of the easiest bosses in the game.  I just got this trophy last night on Expert Difficulty, unfortunately ruining my A Rank King Dice run at the same time though.


The main difference between Mr. Chimes and the above suggested bosses is that he basically has only 1 attack and he travels in a constant pattern.  While both Hildaberg and Phear Lap have minions, and in the case of Hildaberg multiple phases.  Mr. Chimes I don't believe can take damage when the cards are waiting to be flipped so even if you have an errant bullet fly out when you switch back to the big plane to flip cards, it won't count against you.  The Hit Detection on Mr. Chimes is also not perfect, I'm not sure what happened there, however there has been several times where I've "cut it really close" and flew through his feet while taking no damage.  If you walk up to your TV screen and were to draw a W with your finger, that is the flight pattern of Mr. Chimes.  He will go back and forth in that pattern and it might change just a smidge based on at what point he hits the opposing wall.


Just continue to take your shots and as soon as he starts getting close, pay attention to his angle and work your way around him to the right, and then just come back to the left to shoot him some more with the small plane, rinse and repeat.  

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