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Crashing the Party - Bugged?


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Hey guys, does anybody else have problems to earn the trophy?


I'm using the method like all the others to derail the train of the coaster into the crowd of people.

I've downloaded three different parks from the workshop designed for the trophy (just search the keyword "crash" with the filter for parks) and startet testing the coasters. The trains hit the people but no trophy coming. Tried the parks in sandbox- und challenge mode without any differences. My trophy is not popping.


Anybody else or any suggestions? 

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Got it, thank you both for response. Yes indeed, workshop parks did not work.


I tried to use the workshop parks because in my own parks immediately after the train left the track it disappeared with a magical dust so it did not hit any people somehow.

But now I've set up a new park and the train could left the track without any problems, trophy plopped.

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