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Firefight Level 80 XP farm


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I found a quick way to farm XP for the Firefight mode.


Map: Hospital Vents

Difficulty: Molten Steel

Weapon: Any (P99 is probably the best but it doesn't matter)

Arm Cannon: Gravity Gun (VERY IMPORTANT)
Mutators: Floor is Lava


When the game starts just dive forward into the fan and proceed to kill all the enemies on the first two areas, then move to the last two, ALWAYS floating on the fans as this will make you invincible AND give you infinite Slow-Mo. When you run out of ammo just pick up any of the dead enemies' weapons with your Gravity Gun so you don't risk touching the ground.

There're a total of 17 enemies in the level and with the Difficulty and Mutator combo you get 6x the score, netting you between 40 to 50K XP, which on levels below 70 is more than a single level-up.

Looking at my trophy times I went from level 60 to 80 in 25 minutes doing this method. Each attempt took around 1 minute of in-game time.

If anybody knows a better method put it down here, I've tried using the Triple Threat mutator as well but that just increases the risk of touching the ground and losing the run.

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I found a different method, although it produces fairly inconsistent results. Between 35 - 55k XP and between 30 and 60 seconds to complete.


Map: Checkpoint 

Difficulty: Severed Steel (tried molten, wasn't worth the deaths)

Weapon: Lobber ideally, but anything works 

Mutators: Limited Slow Mo, Floor is Lava, Like Water


Use the lobber or whatever you have in the centre, then move to the right to take out the cluster at the top and bottom of the stairs. Nab the lobber from the enemy with full riot gear and take out the stragglers on the left. Your score varies depending on how well you keep your combo up and if you kill enemies while in a stunt (wall ride, dive, slide) 

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