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Heads Up! Trophies Possibly Glitched (In A Good Way)


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Edit: Vers. 1.12 (digital)



Lap after lap
Complete 5 valid laps in Time Attack mode



On a hunt for the perfect lap
Complete 10 valid laps in Time Attack mode


I have done 10 laps in Time Attack but only 4 were valid (gone off track) but trophies popped after lap 5 and 10 respectively.



Pole Specialist
Obtain 10 Pole Positions in Grand Prix, Championship or Career mode


This popped after race 6 I believe in Career and I haven't played any other mode other than Online and Time Attack. Could Online mode count for poles??? I don't remember qualifying but it's possible I did. Looking back at my trophies I did get the trophy for first pole at my first career event. Duh



Research & Development
Successfully pass a test during Free Practice in Career mode


A reliable tester
Successfully pass 5 different tests during Free Practice in Career mode


A proven tester
Successfully pass 10 different tests during Free Practice in Career mode


They pop at the end of the session and there are 4 tests in one session, speed, braking, racing line and complete (for all 3 together). I accidentally repeated one of the tests and both trophies for passing 1 and 5 tests popped together. In the next race weekend I did one of the tests twice on purpose to see if passing 10 would pop and it did. So either it doesn't have to be all different tests and just repeating the same test 10 times would award all 3 trophies together or the complete test (3 together) counts as 3. Reading the forums "A proven tester" trophy required patching as it was unobtainable.


Anyone have similar experiences?


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Update: I did some testing on my alt account Swoop13TK (used for self boosting so not much is there).


For Time Attack I did 6 invalid laps, no trophy. Next lap valid, got the trophy for 5 valid laps. Then did 5 invalid laps, no trophy. Done 1 valid lap, the trophy for 10 valid laps popped. All in one session. It looks like if you do a valid lap after meeting the numbers criteria it will count.


That gave me something to go on....


For poles, I started a career and did all practice sessions (3) and finished on top, same for quali and race. Skipped warm up every time. No trophy for 10 poles after race 3 (thinking as long as you finish on top in any session it counts as pole then you have to actually get a pole in the next quali). After that I just skipped straight to quali then race. 

However I got the trophy once again at the quali at race 6. My guess is that race wins count as poles perhaps then you have to get one more pole at quali.

Or the counter is off/requirements are different than stated.

I did skip most of the practice session on my main account so I was unsure what would count. 


For passing tests I did the same braking test 11 times (just to be sure I didn't miscount) and got all 3 trophies together at the end of the session.

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Something similar just happened to me, but with another trophy. I'm currently doing the Red Bull Rookies Cup and I'm on the San Marino race (think it's 6/7?). I wanted to check something in another game so I backed out to the main menu right before the start of the race (in the menus after the qualifiers). Right when I backed out, the 


A wonderkid
Win a Red Bull MotoGP™ Rookies Cup championship in Career mode


trophy popped. Interestingly enough, after going back to Career mode I still have to complete the San Marino race and the final race :unsure:. These trophies are definitely very buggy...

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