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Do I need to know Japanese?

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1 hour ago, KillerKhye07 said:

Is it possible to beat this game without knowing any Japanese?


You need to be able to at least be comfortable to identify / type out words or at the very least use a katakana chart. I'll be attempting it at some point, but it needs some preparation. There's a realtively good trophy guide out there, and it seems to be playable if you're okay with missing out on the story, but there is no English setting as far as I know.

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Knowing a little Japanese always helps, but, no, it's not strictly necessary.


One thing you need to account for, though, is the APOCA puzzle in Eluria Tower, where you have to type 'mokushiroku' (apocalypse) in hiragana, like so: もくしろく.


Also, the Stone Check and Paralysis Check have very similar (if not identical?) icons, so here's what their names look like:

Stone Check: ストーンチェック

Paralysis Check: パラライチェック

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