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Nice to see you posting a new guide S! :wub: Hope you're doing well 


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Yea I'm good cheers mate 🙂


Thanks, I'm still pretty much retired from making trophy guides though, but this just needed a little info putting out there for anyone curious googling about it/how to complete it, and we all know I love my obscure/bizarre, weird and wonderful games so this one was perfect for me lol and so I was happy to 😁


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Thanks esstee11 sharing this infos and guide for steps of doom.
i just want to let you guys also know my little hint and tips for steps of doom :)

Steps of Doom Ps4 Hints & Tips


Estimated Time to complete: 1h

Difficulty: 3/10


The Game has 10 Levels to complete.


When you are familiar with this game you need to beat the 10 Levels WITHOUT dying for a trophy.

I personally made after every successful Level a backup safe, just to be safe. Ps Plus membership is recommended but not needed at all. USB device is also an option so.



D-Pad UP = Jump

D-Pad Left = Left

D-Pad Right = Right


10 Levels Description

1 Jump over the Fireballs 7 times.

2 Dodge & jump over the running woman 7 times.

3 Dodge the throwing stones 9 times.

4 Jump over the cat 7 times.

5 ONLY Dodge 6 times from the magic man.

6 ONLY Dodge the skeleton 10 times. Running always when he appears and disappears and heads to the opposite side.

7 There are 4 birds on screen. Dodge 16 times.

8 There are 8? "Dolls" flying from the ceiling dodge them.

9 You need to stay in this order in the windows: Right, Left, Right, Left, Left, Right, Left.

10 Boss Battle. You need to Lose here as well, anyway kill him, you need to Jump and press the Circle Button in the right timing 3 times.

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