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So when i try to win a bossfight with no damage and keep on failing for hours,

i get so braindead that i upload the data instead of downloading them...

This has happened 3 times already at the final boss.

The feeling when i load the game and spawn in the main hall is worse than a breakup.

Is there a way that i could retrieve the save before the boss?

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44 minutes ago, FUZZY-G13 said:

well from now on i will be extra carefull for this reason. thank you huntingfever!

Try uploading your save to a usb and the cloud. That way if you accidentally download it, you always have it saved via somewhere else. 

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Damn I feel your pain! I also did this, I think twice?. Yeh, it was truly heartbreaking ?. In a particularly hard run or during a boss I'm stuck with I tend to back it up on a computer first, so that if ever I would make a save scumming mistake atleast I could still go back to this. It could become tedious but hey, better than losing your progress ?. Also a tip that worked for me is to take a breather. Yes it may sound corny but I realize I keep making mistakes when I'm already so frustrated with a boss. So take a short break then come back to it with emotions in check. Goodluck!

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