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Getting online MP trophies with 2nd controller


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So I'm trying to get the last couple trophies for the game, namely winning 9 online events and reversing over the finish line to win...
since online is dead, the suggested strategy (on forums for all platforms as well as playstation ones) is to use a 2nd controller, go online, host a private lobby, set the number of AI to 0 and do the achievements with just the two players.
the thing is that when I try to go online it requires player 2 to get a PS+ account. I have one of course.
is it possible something has changed with the way online mp works on playstation?
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On 8/13/2022 at 8:52 PM, LastMinuteSavior said:

I did it recently with 2 controllers.


To join an online lobby you can't just use a guest account. All players have to login with PSN accounts.


PS+ is not required on the second account though.



yeah, I know this is how it's supposed to work, but it doesn't for me. I tried my partner's account first which was not a PSN account and it didn't work, but then I used my friend's (which was PSN) and it asked for his account to get PS+


EDIT: I just realised the reason this wasn't working for me was because my PS4 was not my primary one.

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