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[imho] Hazard Zone could have been a fun game mode but turned out to be the worst


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I know, no EA or DICE employee will ever read this and even if they did most likely nothing would change for future games but I'll post my thoughts regardless, feel free to join.


When they first announced the Hazard Zone game mode I was kind of excited because it sounded like something that is comparable to The Division's Dark Zone. And, in my opinion it could have been a very fun if not the best "unusual" game mode of any Battlefield game. But it turned out to be the most boring, frustrating and not at all enjoyable experience I've ever played, not only because trophies are buggy as hell. They just wanted to have a mix of game modes that other games were successful with, and failed. I also don't understand why everything is changed to be more casual but then they implement a somewhat hard core PVP mode. It's no wonder that players jump into HZ, expecting casual gameplay and then never playing it again.



Here's my idea how Hazard Zone could have been much much better and I'd like to know your opinion about it.


Basically my idea would shift it into a survival mode that is somehow comparable to The Division's survival mode. You could join as a squad or solo and would start somewhere in the outskirts of the map. If you're in a squad you would not start at the same spawn points but scattered around the map. Story-wise your mission failed and you only have limited ammunition left, maybe even only your side weapon. First thing would be to find ammunition/weapons at outposts working your way to the center of the map and, if in a squad, meet with your squadmates, optional though because you could still solo it. The nearer you get the more/more aggressive AI would wait for you. In the center there could be some sort of meeting point or "facility" (e.g. launch site on Orbital, the ship on Discarded, etc) where you can get the special ability of your specialist back, and a flare gun to call evac after clearing the site. This would also eliminate the stress of only two evacuations where everyone goes nuts in the current HZ. In this potential game mode it would even use the idea of the specialists that is more or less out of place in the normal Battlefield modes but would fit here, as long as you can't be the same specialist as another squad member like it is now.


Depending on the specialist(s) the waves of enemies when waiting for evac could change. For example, if you're Lis it could be vehicles because you have the TV-guided missile, if you're Falck the enemies could be more aggressive or deal more damage because you can heal yourself/your squad, etc. It could even encourage playing differently like not getting your special ability, not getting a main weapon etc. Evac would be more difficult then but still doable, thus more rewarding and it would increase replayability. To make this even more enjoyable there could be a PVE and PVP mode, where PVP could increase the amount of experience you gain after winning. Data drives and their mechanic could still be a thing. In PVE mode there could be more or more aggressive AI when carrying drives and in PVP mode other players could scan your location like it is now.


In the end this is just a quick mockup of a game mode that could have been a better Hazard Zone. As said, in my opinion the current HZ is just frustrating because when you get paired with a bad squad you will die soon or run around 20 minutes and die later, and even if you get paired with a good squad you might fight another good squad and end up in the same situation. Failing in HZ is just a waste of time, not encouraging me to try again but to play something else. One could say "don't play it then" and in fact that is what most people do but I'm a little sad that the potential of the game mode is there but unused. HZ could have been a fun and unique game mode to a Battlefield with the ideas above. Thoughts?


TL;DR: The above is just a rant of a disappointed player how bad the current HZ is and what said player thinks would be a better HZ, just an imho and nothing that would ever affect the next Battlefield, probably.

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50 minutes ago, ResiGamer_28 said:

Nope, a proper campaign would have been. Not this mp only cancerous shite. Full price for a game with no campaign - disgraceful. 

The campaign would have been throwaway nonsense and you know it. Excluding Bad Company, the BF campaigns were usually negatively recieved, and the older games (1942, BF2, 2142) never had a traditional campaign anyways. 2042's problems were numerous, but the lack of a campaign wasn't one of them.

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I believe hazard zone is meant to be a quick paced in and out game mode. With heavy teamwork which is what battlefield is all about it wasn’t meant to be some crazy Escape from Tarkov  or war zone mode it was meant  to be a simple test to see what the community liked. You just got to give it a chance when I first started playing it to get the trophies  I dint care for it that much. But I ended up running into a couple guys while me and a member from this site were playing. And they showed me the ropes of what to do and what not to do and even added me to a ps message group of some really good players. Now I love the game mode  and the only thing that usually stops us from getting a extraction is either from a glitch or running into another team from the group  which makes for a lot of fun and high tense games. My current extraction is a 31# nothing compared to some of the group’s which run between 50-100 just give it a chance.

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