13 Plats of Halloween: Resurrection (Event Concluded)

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So, this was my progress so far, and I'm making it my final update as I won't play in the next days (my masters thesis doesn't allow me to unfortunately):


#1: Psychonauts :platinum:

#2: The Last of Us :platinum:ūüíĮ

#3: LEGO DC Super-Villains :platinum:ūüíĮ

#4: Rage 2 :platinum: (90%)

#5: Borderlands :platinum:ūüíĮ

#6: Borderlands 2 :platinum: ūüíĮ

#7: South Park: The Fractured But Whole :platinum:

#8: Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor - Game of the Year Edition :platinum: (75%)


I wish I could finish at least the DLCs to count Rage 2 and Shadow of Mordor, but anyway I'm quite happy with what I managed to do.


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  1. Darkside Detective A fumble in the Dark - :platinum:
  2. Man of Medan - 31%
  3. In Sound Mind - :platinum:
  4. DOOM- :platinum:
  5. Destroy all humans- :platinum:
  6. Manhunt- :platinum:
  7. The Persistence- 
  8. SIMULACRA-:platinum:
  9. Nine Witches. Family Disruption.
  10. Metro Exodus.
  11. West of Dead. :platinum:
  12. Layers of Fear- 100%
  13. 13 Sentinels Aegis RIm   :platinum:



Potentially Last Update: Done with the Darkside Detective: A Fumble in the Dark. Great game, P&C funny game, really recommend this series, 2 games very fun and I don't remember the games being expensive at all.


Now I think this might be my last game completed, since Man of Medan is messed up since the last patch and we have just 3 days remaining.


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Well, I managed to get my last game done before the deadline.  With the Completion of Sekiro, I now have a plat for every FromSoftware title.  All 5 of my completions were started and finished within the timeline.  Put in some work on some tough titles and had a blast doing it.  Thanks for hosting the event and I hope to do it again next year!



1. The Witcher 3 :platinum: + 100%

2. Resident Evil 3 :platinum:

3. Dark Souls 2 :platinum:

4. Dark Souls 3 :platinum:

5. Sekiro :platinum:


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Hoping to get a third in in time, had severe issues with bugged trophies screwing me out of several plats (Miles Morales, Fractured But Whole), but I've done Life Is Strange Remastered and the Castlevania Anniversary Collection. Hoping to nab Before The Storm Remastered to get my third in before midnight tomorrow! 


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Technically finished 13 (14) games, but not Doom Eternal, so I'll let you decide whether that counts as a complete list or not.

  1. The Wild at Heart
  2. Erica
  3. Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba - The Hinokami Chronicles
  4. Demon's Souls (PS5)
  5. Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon 2
  6. Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Hacker's Memory
  7. The Witch and the Hundred Knight 2
  8. Young Souls
  9. Cult of the Lamb
  10. Creaks
  11. Greak: Memories of Azur
  12. Outer Wilds
  13. Xenon Valkyrie+
  14. Othercide

As for as how they fit the Halloween theme... Other Wilds has aliens, Xenon Valkyrie+ has aliens, and Othercide has...I dunno, maybe they're aliens. They definitely wanted me dead.


If I was going to recommend any of these games, I'd say #1, #3-5, and #8-11. #12-14 were OK, but I have major reservations about recommending them, and #2 is barely a game. #6 and #7 were too long and repetitive to be fun.


Thanks for the event!

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I have all 13/13 GAMES COMPLETE!


Alan Wake definitely had some rough edges, but graphics were beautiful and story was engaging. The DLC survival trophies were a pain and I felt kind of went against the spirit of the rest of the game, but I'm glad to have finally gotten clarity on Control's DLC. Looking forward to Alan Wake 2!


Thumper wins all time trippiest PSVR game for me, and is a really tough and rewarding rhythm game. Definitely recommend the VR over flat. Excited to see if PSVR2 comes out with an offering that manages to be even trippier. Glad I was able to squeak this one out towards the last day. I wasn't quite sure because the learning curve was getting me in the last levels, but things just started clicking and levels were being cranked out at a surprisingly fast rate.


3 Games I'm Committed To:

Dead Space 1 - 100% :platinum:   

Dead Space Extraction - 100% :platinum:

Dead Space 2 - 100% :platinum: and 1f4af.png


10 Games Up for Change:

Affected the Manor: Complete Edition - 100% 1f4af.png

The Brookhaven Experiment - 100% 1f4af.png

Wraith - 100% 1f4af.png

Control - 100% :platinum: and 1f4af.png

Bugsnax - 100% :platinum: and 1f4af.png

Injustice Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition - 100% :platinum: 

Wraith the Oblivion: Afterlife - 100% :platinum: 

Amnesia: Rebirth - 100% :platinum:

Alan Wake Remastered - 100% :platinum: and 1f4af.png

Thumper - 100% :platinum: 

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Note: I will update the spreadsheet tomorrow, after the event is done, and give people a few days to double check and raise any issues before handing the results off to the master emblem maker extraordinaire. 


With less than 2 hours to spare, Alien: Isolation is done!


Finished 13 games. Didn't mean for it to be such a tight squeeze, but my PS4 decided to get one of those errors that cannot be resolved by the Rebuilding Database function.  Wiped my downloads, folders, etc. Definitely took a ton of will out of gaming for a few days to see an empty PS4 home screen.  Then I got busy with real life items to address.  Then started the uphill battle against time to finish Alien: Isolation.


But first, 2 other games:

Big Drunk Satanic Massacre seems be simply a meme game. Sure, its technically a twin stick shooter, but really it is a bad excuse for fan service and terrible jokes. Do not recommend. Easily the worst game from my list. Title says enough to justify its place on here.


Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World is a decent side scrolling beat em up. Played it in coop with the same buddy that helped me clear LBP3 and Dead Nation. The game has a more gradual progression curve than most beat em ups. You buy food in shops with money that drops from baddies to up your stats. Leveling up only increases the number of moves you have available. Each character progresses independently. After clearing Shredder's Revenge this summer, this game felt unbalanced and repetitive. The boss fights are memorable and the mechanics are chaotic enough with the number of throwable objects and baddies on screen. Game has a cemetery section with zombies and one battle with demon hipster chicks and another with a giant 7 headed monster.


Finally, the main event: Alien: Isolation. Now that was a hell of a game. Easily the scariest from my list. Strong production values, I was very impressed by its looks and fluidity considering its age. The Alien is a great villain as it is unpredictable and undefeatable. Unlike many other stealth games, where a little bit of patience and looking at routines is enough to sneak by to the next location, the xenomorph was unpredictable. It could pop out from a vent at any given moment and cut your exploration short. You can scare it away with fire or draw it to a corner using a noisemaker. Otherwise, it is a one hit kill. There are also androids and humans to contend with but these were more typically coded. The story is very predictable if you know anything about this franchise.  Nothing surprised me about the story beats. The gameplay is where this game shines. A couple of sections were genuinely scary. Mission 17 in particular with its back and forth down a super dark corridor and an alien at almost every corner was super tense. The trophy list def adds tension. You can't kill any humans and you can't die. Without either of these stipulations, this game would be less tense, certainly. Overall, I recommend this one to anyone that can stomach a dark, creepy, scary game.


The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes (100%)
Demon's Tier+ (100%)

Alien: Isolation (100%)
Littlebigplanet 3 (100%)
Lords of the Fallen (100%)
Lone Survivor (100%)

Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty (100%)

Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition (100%)

Telsa Force (100%)

Afterparty (100%)

Werewolf: The Apocalypse - Earthblood (100%)

Big Drunk Satanic Massacre (100%)

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World: The Game (100%)


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Hey guys. I just moved from Utah to Texas and still settling in. My parents are staying with me and I'm learning all about how I've been an adult wrong for the past 20 years lol. They leave Wednesday and I should be able to have your badges done soon after. 


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Unfortunately, I'm gonna miss the deadline by outright a day. Ah well. Perhaps I'll do better next year! Thanks for the event!


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The spreadsheet has been updated. I tried to match completions against posted lists. 


Please let me know if I messed anything up.


It will probably be until early next week before the results are finalized, give everyone a few days, just in case. 


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