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phatasmagoric trophy...?


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  • 3 months later...

Only items that count are the 1 under accessory 


You need all 3 difficulty of blank pages 


you get a few by getting the maze to floor 15 & get ars magical to 75 


here is a list of all the raiments I have for the trophy 


bahamut mask 

surgical specs 

hunter’s helm

butterfly pin

dancers helm

faceless cowl

burlap sack 

noble crown

avalon crown 

sancrum crown

grim crown

thorned mask

cat mask 

winged mask

skeleton mask

steel mask


sorcerer rag



witch’s hat


great Head Warp 

dwarven hat

avalon hood 

grim hood

sanctum hood


boffin monocle

smooth mask

devil horns

rabbit ears

gentleman hat

naif hat

romalus helm

subaltern hat

unicorn helm+

warbeast hat+

toadess bonds+

drake helm+

tutors hat+

pirate hat


robber mask

iron mask

iron helm


slegfried mask

alhazad mask

asgard helm

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