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Warframe Trophy Bug?


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Yes, the Sentinel Mastery trophy is bugged for Warframe but it is the only proficiency trophy that is bugged. The trophy itself has tips explaining what to do but you basically have to get it to hit level 30 while playing a match. You can not have it hit 30 when you go to the Mission Complete screen and get bonus XP. All other 4 slots are displayed on the experience screen and properly give out the trophy when you hit 30 with them even with bonus experience.

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That one bugged for me too.

Pole Weapon Proficiency

Reach Rank 30 with any Scythe, Pole-arm or Staff weapon.


As well as the hacking one >.>


Which weapon?


Trophy bug continues, I'm sitting on 114 revives and no 100 revives trophy, lol high five anyone?


The revives trophy is like the hours played trophy, it doesn't pop at the right time.  Try getting 100 solo revives.

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