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Can you farm the kill x trophies?


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If you kill some enemies and restart checkpoint will those enemies count (i.e blowing up a helicopter or using a specifc weapon) or do you have to reach the next checkpoint for the kills to be 'saved'. If it's the later, can you exit to main menu and restart the chapter when you get to a new checkpoint or will the previous kills be voided?

Or is it the case where you have to fully complete a chapter for the kills to be saved?

I'm working on the Delta playthrough so I'm trying to get into less combat possible and go from A to B while doing the secondary objectives as I'm not the best at first person shooting games ? 


Thanks ?.

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should be. i got it on my first playthrough on Delta difficulty during the second last mission i think (if checking timestamps), there was a lot of dying on certain points snd thus checkpoint reloading. and i even skipped (like you plan to do) a lot of enemies so it should be easily optainable.

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