Ranked Matches - Solution!

By Bullstomp in MARVEL VS. CAPCOM 3,
First of all, props @postofficebuddyfor sharing that connectivity still works in the US. This inspired me to do some testing via scientific method to find a consistent way to connect matches. Good news, I have achieved that. Here is what I have discovered:   I believe that, outside of leaderboards, that at least a portion of the matchmaking is peer-to-peer (geeks please feel free to fact-check me). I came to this conclusion because ranks are saved client side, not server side. Found this out logging in different consoles and rank didn't automatically move over.   If it is peer-to-peer then it is possible that servers going down (again, feel free to fact check me) WON'T happen, which is potentially good news.   First of all, quick matches did not work under any circumstances so maybe this function is server based?   The way that got me consistent connections was in "custom" matches. Also, I had to adjust all 3 options in custom to "any" even though my consoles were side-by-side.   Here is the kicker: timing. YOU CANNOT START SEARCHING SIMULTANEOUSLY ON BOTH CONSOLES. Doing so keeps both consoles from detecting each other for some reason. Here is how to set up:   -start searching in "custom matches" on consoles 1. - watch screen 1 and do not start searching the second console until the back(circle) button appears in the bottom right of screen 1. This means console 1 is in an invisible lobby/buffer and is ready to connect. - search console 2. A window will pop saying "an opponent has been found". - if you follow each step as described you will connect inside 20 seconds.   Mythbusting- levels don't matter. Will pair even if there is a huge difference in levels. Also there is no difference in points awarded if you beat a lord or a newb so have at it.   Fun fact- you can get up to 9th lord (basically two ranked trophies) without winning a match. At 9th lord you need wins to level further. Note: you get twice as many points for a win.   I had 98% connection rate and when I started having issues, which was rare, I resolved this by switching which console was initiating.   Good luck!    
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