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Tales of Symphonia Remastered

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I really hope it's the same as the PS3 list. I would love an excuse to 100% this game again. I'm hoping the exclusion of the sequel this time means they put a bit more work into it this time. Last time was just a port of the PS2 version, with all of the same issues.

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This strikes me as a bit of a weird decision. I mean the game was already remastered for PS3 along with Dawn of the New World which they seem to be leaving out this time for some reason. A shame too, because even though it doesn't match up to the original game, I still really enjoyed it. Just feels a bit lazy not to include it. I would have preferred it if we got remasters of the Xillia games or Graces F instead, but I suppose porting Symphonia to newer consoles is more for Switch and Xbox players than it is for us. I hope we get them next at least (with the option for Japanese voices!).


Don't get me wrong though because I'm still going to be all over this. Symphonia is probably my favourite Tales game and I'd love the opportunity to platinum it again. I'm definitely going to order that Chosen Edition with the steelcase. ?

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I have the physical release myself, i used to have the Gamecube version back in the day.


EDIT: Would love a Remaster of Xillia 1 and Destiny Director's Cut. I love Destiny as I still have the PS1 copy never got to play the Director's Cut.

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6 hours ago, Abby_TheLastofUs said:


Hopefully a sign that more entries in the Tales series will be getting remasters.


Tales of Destiny: Director's Cut

Tales of the Abyss

Tales of Graces f

Tales of Xillia 1 & 2


So many Tales games stuck on old systems.


Abyss and Xillia 1 would be a godsend! :D And I was just about to buy the ps3 version and then this dropped!

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