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The seed I used to complete the trophies was 16. To, hopefully, avoid confusion I've used the colour and position on the list on the left.





Round 1: Purple 1 (otter?)

Round 2: Purple 1

Round 3: Green 3

Round 4: Blue 2

Round 5: Green 3

Round 6: Orange 4

Round 7: Any - this will be a draw

Round 8: Purple 1

Round 9: Blue 2

Round 10: Orange 4

Round 11: Purple 1

This list should net you non-space trophies and It took me about one and a half playthroughs to get to 777 spaces. I don't have a second account otherwise, I would have included the trophies as they popped. So anyone feel free to edit the list to include these.

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