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Planning on Starting soon. Online SB and Servers Question


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On 9/15/2022 at 7:13 PM, SOXRULE111 said:

For the Win the Online Super Bowl Trophy, do I have to play online for it?


Also, Im assuming servers are still up can anyone verify?

Super late seeing this but yes servers are online.


you can actually cheese this completely by yourself in a cloud league. 

you just need an alt account, pick a team that will make it to the Super Bowl (or play the cpu until you are in the Super Bowl)


then invite your alt to the league as the team you are facing (your alt needs to have opened madden 20 past the intro game).


open the game from your alt account (simply switch users on the console), accept the invite from your main and select the team they face in the Super Bowl.


go to league settings, user teams, then set your alts auto pilot to unlimited. Log off your alt and back to your main.


play the game (should say your main vs alt). Win the game and you’ll get both head to head and bragging rights one after the other.

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