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Ka-Pi96's List of Platinums


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Hi all, Ka-Pi96 here. :wave:


I've been a gamer since the 90s and have had all the previous PlayStations, but never got my first PS3 til 2011. I wasn't interested in collecting trophies at all until I played The Last of Us but now I can't get enough of em. :giggle:

I got my PS4 and Vita in November 2013 to complete my PlayStation collection and look forward to many more fun games and lots more trophies.


So here are my trophy targets and list of ever increasing platinums.



Goals for 2014

39 Platinums (7/39)

5 PS4 Platinums (3/5)

5 Vita Platinums (2/5)


2013  11 Platinums

#1 1st August 2013

The Last of Us (PS3)


Wow, what a game! :yay: One of the best single player experiences I've ever played complemented by a great multiplayer mode. I think the only thing missing from this is a co-op survival mode. I really enjoyed my 3 playthroughs on my way to the plat, and if I did have so many other games I want to plat I would still be playing this.


#2 17th August 2013

Sleeping Dogs (PS3)


Similar to GTA but really sets itself apart with its intresting setting and story. A fairly easy game to platinum but lots of fun from start to finish.


#3 26th August 2013

Borderlands (PS3)


I didn't pay much attention to Borderlands until the release of no. 2 but really enjoyed it and ended up getting the GOTY version of the original. A very fun game, with many laughs, especially in co-op mode.


#4 30th August 2013

LEGO The Lord of the Rings (PS3)


The game that broke my first PS3 :shakefist: . But it was alot of fun to play after I got my new one. :awesome:


#5 8th September 2013



This game was one of the reasons I bought a PS3. I had always wanted an open world game with superpowers and it didn't disappoint.


#6 28th September 2013

inFAMOUS 2 (PS3)


Another great Infamous game with a better story and more powers than the original. I really love this franchise and am looking forward to adding Second Son to this list.


#7 17th October 2013

The Walking Dead (PS3)


I only started playing it for the easy plat, but ended up playing for the great story.


#8 4th November 2013

Killzone (PS3)


I rented this on PS2 years ago and remembered enjoying it. Going back to it in the PS3 era shows how bad this game really was.

At least it sets the story up for the sequel though.


#9 20th November 2013

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune (PS3)


A great game and lots of fun to platinum. It took me a long time to try this series but now I have I can't wait for more.


#10 25th December 2013

Killzone 2 (PS3)


Now this is what shooters should be like. I doubt any other sequel has ever improved this much over its predecessor before. It had a great campaign and a really fun multiplayer. A hard trophy list but very rewarding and I'm glad to have it as my 10th Plat.


#11 29th December 2013

Jak & Daxter (PS3)


I never played this on the PS2 so was glad to get it free from PS+. A great platformer, too bad theres not many games like this nowadays.


2014  7 Platinums

#12 5th January 2014

Jak & Daxter (Vita)


I started this year exactly the same as I had finished the previous. :giggle:


#13 24th January 2014

Resogun (PS4)


My first PS4 plat. This game really surprised me, I wasn't expecting much but it turned out to be really good. I had a great time getting the trophies mostly in co-op mode.


#14 26th January 2014

Bleach: Soul Resurreccion


I'm a fan of the franchise and of hack and slash games so this started out as a lot of fun, but some of the trophies were such a long grind. After 188 hours of play time I am glad to finally have this one done.


#15 2nd February 2014

Sound Shapes (PS3)


The death mode trophies :shakefist: . They were probably the most satisfying trophies I've gotten though.


#16 2nd February 2014

Sound Shapes (Vita)



#17 2nd February 2014

Sound Shapes (PS4)



#18 16th February 2014

Knack (PS4)


This was a decent game, very underrated. The luck based trophies were annoying and while it was definitely fun the first time having to play it 4 or 5 times through for all the trophies got annoying.

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