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Free 3 Month Trial for Japanese PS+ (PS4 Required)


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I just found out that there's a pretty good promotion going on for the Japanese launch of the PS4 and thought I should post about it here in case people aren't aware. As of this post, all PS4 owners can apply for a 3 month trial of PS Plus if signed onto a Japanese PSN account.


A more in-depth guide on how it's done can be found posted below (taken from Slickdeals)




3 Months of Japan PS Plus FREE, 1000 Yen PSN credit if you buy 12 months - Valid for all PS4 Owners
If you have a PlayStation 4, you can currently claim a free 3 month subscription to the Japanese version of PS Plus.

1) Log in to your Japanese PSN account on your PS4.
1a) If you don't have a Japan PSN account, make one.

2) Look for the banner that has the yellow plus symbol, the number 3, a blue background and small yellow accents.

3) Claim your three free months.

Different regions get different games, so it's worth checking out. Once created on the PS4, the Japan PS Plus account can also be used on the PS3, PSP and Vita.

There is also a second offer which gives 1000 Yen PSN credit for those who purchase a one year JPN sub. That probably won't interest most, but the free 3 month sub is hard to beat.


Help with creating a Japanese PSN account can be found here: http://kotaku.com/5982662/how-to-make-a-japanese-psn-account-on-the-new-psn-and-how-to-navigate-the-store


If anyone's new to Japanese accounts, you are able to play downloaded PS3 and I believe PS4 games with any account on the console, however you are unable to play digital Vita games outside your region.



The current IGC games for Japan are:

Resogun (PS4)

Contrast (PS4) Japanese version has a separate trophy list from either US and EU versions

Tokyo Jungle (PS3)

Dream Club C Complete Edipyon (PS3)

Metal Slub (PS3)

Baseball Stars (PS3)

Super Hang-on (PS3)

Chaos Code (PS3)

Rocketbirds: Hard-boiled Chicken (PS3)


I believe these have been updated recently, so it'll be around a month until the next games appear.

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Darn I don't have a PS4. Yeah Japanese PSN was giving out free subs for a few months until recently on the PS3. Remembered a lot of Tom Clancy games being on there(Hawx 2, Rainbow 6, Future soldier, and other stuff). I couldn't by any chance get one of you guys to make an account for me then send me the info on psn could I or just share a account already created?

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