Kingdom of Paradise (PS Plus Premium) - missing in GER/EU?

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So is it just me or is it not available yet?


Kingdom of Paradise was announced to be part of the September 2022 Premium Classics line-up and so far I wasn't able to spot it yet. I downloaded & found all the classic games that were supposed to be released alongside it on 9/20, but Kingdom of Paradise doesn't show up on my store page. I'm situated in Germany, Europe.


This is the one game that I was really looking forward to in this month's line-up, so I hope it' just a temporary delay or mistake on my side and they are not pulling the Dino Crisis thing again (putting it on the blog, then deleting it and never speaking about it ever again).


Has anybody heard something or does it show up for others? I couln't find any other forum post related to it yet.


EDIT: It seems like people on YouTube are actually playing it on PS5. Can anybody else from Germany or Europe in general confirm that they see it? Is this a local issue?

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On 21.9.2022 at 0:10 PM, Alox777 said:

In Germany is the name of the Game Key of Heaven

That's very odd but explains a lot - thank you very much!


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