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We have enter the Era of 3D. How long its gonna take for games to reach the Era of hologram?


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As much as we are living in a technological times, we are still at the primitive stage of technology. 

50 years ago a single computer would take up a whole room. Now we have computers that is the size of our palm.

Holography is the next big step. When that time has come,  all monitors will be redundant.





***I hope they don't wait until i'm a grandpa to do that though*** 


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I'll agree with kitsune. People have already stopped talkig about 3D, which happened last time too.

Its expensive, and while potentially more immersive, it is also maybe a little too stimulating on the brain for something that should be to relax. I did try a f1 simulator in 3d once however and slammed my usual lap times, so it has its uses.

Hologram sound great, but in what purpose? It seems even mire stimulating, and I have trouble seeing the potential in everyday life.

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I think technology is getting a little too advanced now in some aspects, i hate how almost all mobiles are touchscreen now, i much preferred the good old buttons.


I'm with you man, I wanted to get a hybrid-phone with keyboard and touchscreen but apparently everyone is too busy making clones of the same phone. I think probably in the future, we as the human civilization, will probably using implants with phones capabilities installed in our heads or those glasses things that Google are bringing out. 

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3D is a dying fad (exception is the 3DS though one could argue that ppl buy 3ds for the games and not the 3d). I see this era as more as the era of the touchscreen. Everything has a touchscreen now. I think this will be the continuing fad for the next decade. I don't see a point to an era of holograms with the ability of Skype. And I think it'd be too gimmicky for gaming.

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We still have a ways to go in 3D technology. We're no where near perfecting it. 3D still needs glasses to work, and it's still not anywhere near as realistic as reality. It still doesn't work for some people, and gives others headaches too. Also, holographic technology is nowhere near advanced enough to be considered a thing yet, and people don't seem interested in developing it. People are more interested in developing phones and tablets than creating new types of technology like holograms. I doubt we'll even see holographic anything in our time. If we do, I don't think it will be for another 50 years or so.


We've had the benefit of being part of a technological boom, but it's obvious that it's dying down. Just looking at gaming consoles is proof of that. The X1 and PS4 don't even display in 1080p all the time(X1 far less than the PS4), the same resolutions we've had during the PS3/360 generation. And the graphics look a little better, but there isn't a giant leap in technology like there was from the PS2 to PS3/360. Like from SD to HD or the drastically different online capabilities. So, I think it'll be a while before we have such drastic advancements in technology again. It sure would be neat to have holograms though.

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I thought the era of 3D died miserably a year or two ago, lol. I'm not sure, I like sitting on the couch and just playing, but I'm not gonna lie, this looks pretty freaking fun!


Oculus Rift and the Virtuix Omni treadmill. 


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3D and Holograms are the same thing.

It's an interpretation of how it's produced.

We have been stuck in 3D visualization for 40+ years now.

The only next step, is direct implant into the synapses.

3D & holograms are not the same. Holograms incorporates 3D with the use of laser and light. While 3D is just three dimensional space.

(think of it as an upgrade for 3D)


Technology waits on no man whether or not we like it. (because of competition and ingenuity)


Maybe or maybe not they might put phone in our heads in the future but we got to think about the radiation aspect of it. Frequency use 

(electromagnetic energy) which involves radiation to transfer signals from antennas. So maybe they might find a different alternative but it is possible.


I agree that technology keeps on changing with phones but the fundamentals remain the same knowing that all or majority of them are

basically touch screen.


Yes 3D is expensive and is over exaggerated. It's becoming redundant because of the cost and availability. By the time it becomes affordable/accessible to everyone, something new will be on the market. Hopefully holography.


Hologram will be awesome on Skype. Its like your actually there with who so ever you chatting with. Wouldn't you agree

beyondthegrave ?


People tend to say things when their not use to it. Just like when touch screen was just hitting the market. People were skeptical about it.


I just want to experience it with all the megapixel put into it and the Dolby advance sound system as well. No glasses, no hassle. Just sitting there and experiencing the moment. I'm a fan of technology. 


Thanks for your comments.I really appreciate it.






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