Retro City Rampage DX & Shakedown Hawaii physical copies inbound Sept 28th 2022!

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Shakedown: Hawaii and Retro City Rampage DX are getting physical PlayStation®3 releases on Wednesday, September 28th!

Priced at $24.99 USD each (plus shipping), the games include a blu-ray disc and manual.


More info at link above.


Shop link:



This is honestly pretty wild. I know V-Blank has a history of putting these games out on every platform possible. They did a physical Wii release in 2020. I did not think that Sony was still printing PS3 games anymore though.


It is possible they have had these for a while though as even in the press release they are unsure if Sony would be open to reprints. Though they will try if there is demand. I am leaning towards them having has these printed a few years back because the physical version of Shakedown Hawaii does not include the most recent patch and can not get that patch. (The digital version does have the patch)


The question remains, do I buy these even though I own both physically on Vita already? 🤔

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This is really cool, i hope they sell well


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Wow! That's so cool. Is PS3 at that point when old consoles get a few new releases like I think Genesis and SNES getting some new cardridges? 


Also, wasn't retro city (it was Shakedown Hawaii) the last ps3 game ever released? It's doubling down on that now :D 

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