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Borderlands 2 Vita Screenshot Released


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What's with the complain? I thought people were happy with the VITA havings 2 analog sticks. But now they complain that it doesn't have enough buttons? Ridiculous. I mean sure, Borderlands 2 might be better on consoles and PC but I'm 100% sure it wont be much of a downgrade compared to the console version.

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Resistance was alright to play. Havent tried killzone yet but a lot of people like it. So theres potential for fps on vita


Killzone handles really well on the vita in my opinion so I would recommend it. The only problem with Killzone is getting use to the button layout a little, but at the same time it gives you option to do things with either buttons or touchscreen.


If it handles well it'll be a game well worth getting! I worry about fps on vita though, I hate not having r/L 1+2 buttons


I actually prefer the shooters on vita over the shooters on consoles because of only the one L/R button. To me it seems easier to know what button to hit and seems to flow better.

 I thought Resistance had very good controls also.

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I'm interested, but doesn't the Vita only have one set of triggers vs two for the PS3? (Vita RT/LT vs PS3 R1/2 L1/2) How are they going to get around that? I just hope they don't implement any touch screen stuff or the horrid back touch pad.  I still can't figure that thing out  :shakefist:

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