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Can't Link PSN to SaintsRow.com


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I'm trying to link my PSN account to my SaintsRow.com account, but when I go to my account, under linked accounts, I press the Link button on the PS3 section, but it doesn't do anything. It was supposed to pop up a screen that showed instructions on how to link. I clicked on the Xbox 360 and Steam link buttons, and they led to me to that screen, though I don't use either. I tried using different browsers (Safari, Chrome, hell, even the web browsers on my Kindle Fire HD and PS3) to see if linking worked on a different web browser, but no. Help?

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I'm having the problem too.  From the looks of things, it's been going on for a while (I found a thread from 2012 on another site where they were having the same problem).  I was able to get the trophy for uploading though, I just can't link my accounts or download.

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