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How does coop work in this game ?

Tomoko Kuroki

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Yes yes yes you can. I'll break it down for you real quick


When you're in bodyform you can summon a blue phantom via blue eyestone. The blue phantom needs to be within SL range, Enter your SL in this link and it will tell you the SL range. http://www.demonssouls.info/level-range.php


You can only summon a phantom if you haven't beaten the boss in that particular area. Be advised: dying in body form will affect your World Tendency so keep this in mind in case you're trying to get friend and foe ring.


You'll needs lots of stones of ephemeral eyes, use this duping trick below so you'll have enough stones to play the entire game co-op.


Happy demon hunting


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hmm.. what is a blue phantom exactly, i dont quite understand sorry.


Can't I just play my created character with another psn user's created character ? What is the blue phantom exaclty, I just want to be able to play my character and his own character. Or does he have to play the "summon"

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