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DLC Collectables Don't Seem to Count

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Hi everyone.


OK, so I bought the DLC because I thought it might give another option in case any main-game collectables were annoying to get. I also wanted to test it in case anyone on this site was unable to get the collectables solo in the coop missions after the servers went down (the last coop mission must be extremely difficult solo with two controllers - I did all the coop missions with a friend online, including the collectables and even then, the last mission was tough).


I looked for quite some time for information on this topic and there was nothing I could find, so I wanted to confirm it myself.


I deliberately left the last laptop as the last trophy before I got the Plat to do the DLC Kobin mission. For some reason, trophies on my PS3 take a while to pop and some Ubi games take ages (I think the "Maximum Effort" trophy for Ghost Recon Future Soldier I got yesterday must have taken about twenty five seconds to pop, I certainly had plenty of  time to wonder what I had done wrong!).


I waited for ages but the trophy for getting the "last" laptop on that DLC mission didn't pop, so I just finished the mission. When I went back into the game and got the last laptop from the main-game mission I was missing, it popped more or less immediately (after doing a bunch of saving).


So unfortunately, the DLC collectables seem to be worthless in terms of trophies, they don't count.


Thanks Ubisoft. :)

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Just now, AN0n1m8 said:

No, they do not count. I'm sure i've seen that info somewhere, but don't remember. Anyway, getting intel in campaign/coop isn't that hard.

I looked pretty hard and couldn't find it.


It's not hard (ok the last Grim mission is annoying AF), it was more for people who can no longer play online.


For example - ME. My friend kept bugging me to get the collectables after we finished the coop but I couldn't be bothered. Thank goodness I listened to him or it would have been a nightmare. ?

3 minutes ago, Stevieboy said:

The DLC missions don't count towards doing all the missions for Kobin and Grim for those trophies, so it's no surprise any collectables don't count either.

I agree with that but normally if there is DLC then collectables do count, at least in my experience. Otherwise, what's the point of them?

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