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Fighter trophy ::bronze::

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Can anyone shed some light onto the correct confines for obtaining this trophy?

I'm only level 7 so I still have a fair grind ahead, but I have unlocked "Fighter" yet even though I've participated in over 100 fights.

I did from fight 45 to 100 in one sitting. When it didn't pop I kept going and went until 145 thinking I had to do 100 fights at once... Still nothing. I don't get it. Can I only attack nodes next to my home node that are controlled by the opposition? I was attacking Charlotte from Toronto. I started attacking another node Europe after the 100 but still nothing happening.

I'm confused about it because the trophy for attacking the economic nodes popped without fail after 30.

Any insight is appreciated

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iirc, you can only "fight" nodes next to your controlled territory. Economic missions do not count toward this. Max level is 15 (I think), so you have time and will end up with way more fights than you need for this trophy by the time you get up there. I would suggest you keep at it for now and if it doesn't pop by the time you hit level 12 or so, you may want to start looking into it.

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So the trophy popped...

I was watching mad men and mindlessly running up the same wall over and over for the climber trophy when it happened. As far as I can tell it happened when the "round" or whatever ended. Assassins captured all nodes or time ran out and then the trophy popped.

Now it's just another hour and a half of grinding for the plat.

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