Are there any missable trophies?

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Hey there, I am wondering if anyone has any info regarding missable trophies or some advice in general regarding the trophies.


Reading the descriptions, it seems like some may conflict, but it is hard to know for certain without having played the game.


Any info would be appreciated.


Many thanks



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Yeah, some trophies conflict so 2 playthroughs (or save scumming) are required. And there's a point of no return in the game, the game makes it pretty clear when you get to that point though, but once you go past that point all the trophies tied to NPC's become unobtainable for the remainder of that playthrough.


Inevitable Cruelty/Aid from Yourself: So everytime you activate a mirror/checkpoint a doppelganger spawns which you have to kill to get your special weapon back. When you get to the 2nd mirror in the Depths,


the doppelganger will have some dialogue, and you'll have the option to kill them or spare them, if you kill them you get Inevitable Cruelty right there and then. If you choose to spare them they will leave and appear during the penultimate boss fight, that's where you'll get Aid From Yourself. So when you activate that mirror and get returned to the workshop and get the Doppelganger Begotten text, make a backup, go back to the mirror kill the doppelganger for Inevitable Cruelty, download your backup and spare them so you get Aid From Yourself later on.


Feed the Cat: This one is missable. The cat will appear in pretty much every area if I'm not mistaken, but in some areas he will be right next to a mirror you won't be able to use until you feed the cat milk. The milk is always in the same area where the cat is, so you have to find the milk and feed it to him before moving onto the next area/killing the boss, otherwise the cat will leave the area and thus you'll miss the trophy. There are 3 instances/areas where you have to feed the cat (High Castle, Depths and Earth Bowels). The trophy will pop once you talk to the cat in the final area.


Not The Same: Yarema is an NPC you run into in different areas as well, but I'm unsure if this one is also missable. I don't think so because his questline is tied to another NPC's questline, but can't say for sure.


Child's Gifts: Adelinka is an NPC that asks you to collect earrings, you first find her after the first boss. Unsure if this is missable, because she asks you to play hide and seek or something like that, and I think you can fail that part, however I'm not sure what failing it causes, if she disappears or stops talking to you or something. So just make sure to explore the upper part of High Castle before the lower part. And the earrings she asks for, there are a lot of them and they only appear during Moonhunger, there's no way to track them outside of seeing how many you have in your inventory, so it can be a bit of a pain, but at this point I'm sure there's a map with the locations of the earrings, if not there should be one soon. People were already working on an interactive map back when the game first came out.


No Place To Hide: Karina is an NPC located in a part of High Castle you can't access until you beat the area boss. Pretty sure this is only missable if you go past the point of no return.


Joys of Motherhood: This one conflicts with The Cruel Queen. You can only do one or the other.*


The King's Speech: You can do this whenever as long as that is before the point of no return. Also this is related to The Cruel Queen trophy. As you get an item during this that you need for The Cruel Queen.*


The Cruel Queen: Conflicts with Joys of Motherhood, and is related to Not The Same and The King's Speech.


Farewell, friend: This one also becomes missable once you go past the point of no return.


*For Joys of Motherhood and The King's Speech, you need Moonhunger. For the former the NPC won't interact with you without Moonhunger, and for the latter there's an item you won't get without Moonhunger.


Moonhunger is activated when you die, and can be alleviated by using glands or killing a boss. But there's a boss


Lajos' 2nd encounter

That will make whatever state you were in when you beat him permanent for the remainder of the game. So just make sure Moonhunger is active before you beat him.


So all of those are missable to some degree, and the ones that conflict with each other are Inevitable Cruelty/Aid from Yourself and Joys of Motherhood/The Cruel Queen

I might be missing something as I didn't really do any testing beyond what worked for me.


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Wow mate, thank you for the very detailed post, it is like a mini trophy guide. This is highly appreciated since this is the next game on my radar.


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