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Been a while since I played


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It has been the third or fourth time ive been through this game (first time being on xbox) and i have a save file on pulse after beating the game. However I lost my checklist for treasure hunter and the Cocoon portion is freaking boring. I don't want to start over but if its the difference of a platinum then I will. Should I start over to be sure?

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I wouldn't start over, just make sure you have the ember ring, frost ring, spark ring, aqua ring, zephyr ring, clay ring, doctors code, gold watch, hunters friend, you should be fine, other then that handful then most of the other stuff can be brought from shops, upgraded to get or dismantled to get, if you need any other help then let us know as i have a hardback guide that helped me towards my plat :)

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IIRC you can collect other items and then merge them into the item you didn't get, that's what i did to some ring or whatever it was called.


It'll take you some time to farm those items but would you rather farm them or start a new game? I wouldn't mind starting a new game since i loved the game, not sure about you.

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