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Rate the last movie you watched!


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Decided this would be a good way to decide what film's to get next. So for this you could add a numbered rating e.g 8/10, a brief description or any other way you Would rate a film, include media if you like. I've just been on a fantasy binge. 


Reign of Fire


8/10 - A really good use of Christian Bale although he will always be The Dark Knight to me. I wasn't sure what the film was like going into to it but Glad I watched it. Dragons, action and more! Would recommend. The above scene was really funny to me so I included it.



So what have you watched?

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War of the Dead - Stone's War


Watched it today. Second world war zombie action movie, where group of Finnish and American soldiers find out secret experiments in Russian forest and fight to survive against undeads. 




1 point because theres undead, 1 point for Jouko Ahola been undead and 1 pity point.

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Drinking Buddies


Netflix has had it under my "recommended for you" section for months, I decided to turn it on while grinding in Star Ocean.




It was so boring that I couldn't sit through it, not even while I was distracted playing a game. I got about an hour in and nothing ever happened. They just sat around and had awkward, and incredibly forced, conversations. I think it might be one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

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