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Will Madden, and other EA Games comes to Vita in 2014


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Last year we didn't have any  single EA games on the Vita but only one which is FIFA. But will Madden come back to the PS Vita for 2015. Vita doesn't have a strong 3rd party support from EA or Capcom because it support the Nintendo 3DS. Now most 3DS gamers are young kids, teens, and young adult. I would like a new Madden for Vita this year because ever know the last ones wasn't good but it sold better. I would like to see other EA games comes to Vita maybe Mass Effect or a new Star Wars games.  

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inthe case of EA, sport games generally dont sell well on handhelds so their reluctance on releasing those are understandable,as far as dead space mass effect and the such those are dependent on the devs to make them for the vita


as for capcom, its not so much that they dont make games for the vita, theyre just not localizing it and sticking to rehashing prev titles

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Reserving judgment on Madden 13 Vita until I play it, which will be soon, (after I finish the grindfest Madden 13 PS3) but I would imagine it's tough to keep reproducing sports games yearly for now 3 Sony consoles.


I think they are just focusing on PS3/PS4 and Microsoft systems as well. Personally, I would like to see an NHL game on the Vita without server closures, or at least a trophy list that can be obtained at any time.

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