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Escalation Gold

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I'm really trying to get the gold trophy for Escalation before RotDS gets the servers shut down, but I'm lucky to get to level 10 (if that) before the server drops the connection.  I'm not finished trying though, if anyone else is interested.  Everyone says the autobot map is easier but I always do better on Decepticons (until somebody opens all the rear doors and things get messy).  I prefer Slipstream, Thundercracker or Skywarp so I can sniper from the top of the main room, then chase enemies down around the map once the crowd thins out.

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Broken Hope is the easiest map to get past wave 15. The easiest way is to use a jet. The reason for this is you can open doors above you by flying up until the icon appears. Why is this essential? Because it'll bypass lower doors meaning enemies can't run up ramps to attack you allowing you to snipe from a bridge near the room leading to the overshield dispenser. The farthest I got in that map was wave 37 and that's only because I froze or it would have been higher.


If you have the DLC, the Decepticon map District (which is a redone version of the MP map Rust) is also a good map, but you'll need three people minimum and one has to be Demolisher for the ammo pack he dispenses. After racking up enough points, you'll eventually open a door that leads to a medical room and there's a room off it that has one way in, one way out. Camp in there and you'll barely ever need to leave because Demolisher will replenish ammo for everyone. Have someone grab a heal ray and you're all set.

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People don't understand how to play escalation mode... everyone is off doing their own thing rambo style... they don't understand that it's about teamwork and grouping.  Use choke points to funnel the enemy and it's a guaranteed win. 

Use classes that shield as well as supply ammo for the team.  Also, people also hogging points and not buying useful items, such as shields or mines... so annoying. 

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