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Here is a video walkthrough and some text to help you get the trophies easily, but there is no platinum unfortunately. The video begins with each trophy explained and shown, then a full story walkthrough up to the final trophy follows in case you want to get through the game quick.


Trophy wise, the list is perhaps a 2/10 difficulty as the game mainly consists of puzzles, the game feels a lot like a story driven 2D Human Fall Flat. Time wise, approximately 2 hours, though if you want a 12+ minute 100% to enter the leaderboards, you need to get to the last trophy location WITHOUT collecting any others, then quickly reload checkpoints and get them all.



All Trophy locations (pull the orbs);


-- Checkpoint 34 --

- Pack Mentality - Pull together -

Make your way to the far left and rescue the workers in the hanging cage. Then pull the boards of the ledge to the right to reveal a cave. Go inside, grab the torch and use it to keep the dogs away so you can get the orb.


-- Checkpoint 6 --

- Murky Waters - Something’s not right down here -

Dive and swim to the left.


-- Checkpoint 7 --

- Field Research - Unearthing secrets -

Go right and lift the trap door in the crops.


-- Checkpoint 9 --

- Wee wee wee - They never made it to market -

Jump down to the cart of pigs to the right, then push it left and use it to pull a board from the wall.


-- Checkpoint 15 --

- Left Behind - Safe falling and hard landings -

Go left and open the vent.


-- Checkpoint 16 --

- Obscure Foundations - Lies beneath the city -

Slide down to the right and continue down to the ground.


-- Checkpoint 30 --

- Friends in low Places - Dislodging derelict in the depths -

Go down and left and bash the box. Follow the tunnel to the left and climb the ladder. Control a worker below the mind-hat to the right, then bash him from beneath. Now use the other worker to get the orb.


-- Checkpoint 32 --

- A Tableau - Skipping stones at the beach -

Go back to the left and get in the tub, use it to bash the scaffolding to the far left so that you can reach the ladder.


-- Checkpoint 44 --

- Respite - Dive back in -

Lure the creature to the right, then jump in and quickly swim to the left.


-- Checkpoint 47 --

- Unfathomable - Take a deep breath -

Swim down and left, open the hatch and follow the tunnel.


-- Checkpoint 48 --

- Clockwork - Shadows at noon -

Go right and rotate the crank until the platform is almost directly above you, then go left and swim down.


-- Checkpoint 50 --

- Room for Reflection - Hanging up -

Continue with this section until you get the yellow cube into the large square anchor room. Then take it to the right and use it to reach the orb.


-- Checkpoint 54 --

- Office Space - Do an elevator pitch -

Get some of the workers on top of the elevator, then use those with you to throw you up to the rope on the right. Then climb up and use the workers at the top to throw you up to the orb on the left.


-- Checkpoint 57 --

- The Last One - It comes together -

Climb the ladder on the right, you need every other orb to open the mother ship.

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