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Complete Skill and Item Lists


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Just incase someone in the future wants to go through this painful grind here's the skill and item lists.

Skills: https://i.imgur.com/JBcOf5X.jpg

For skills you'll get 90%+ from evolving all your astrals. After that just use skills that are the same class of the particular skill you are currently hunting(the elemental typing doesn't affect it) and pray for rng. The best thing to grind on is Nyarlathotep on floor 10 as it's very passive.


Items: https://i.imgur.com/Ug3zBEh.jpg

You should get all regular items without much trouble. The real pain is weapons and armor, which outside one time items, can be gotten from floor 98 of r'lyeh road. The time to completion is heavily RNG dependant so it's just collect and hope.


My final stats(realistically close to 300 hours if I had to guess) https://i.imgur.com/NNCPI8Q.jpg

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