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1 hour ago, SublimeHawk said:

I'm playing the Xbox version. Not sure what it's like on PS5, but I can only find games with cross-play turned on. It seems to be completely dead on Xbox at least. Also, Ada is ridiculously overpowered. I was in multiple matches with a guy who was routinely one-shotting the lobby with Ada's bow and was consistently getting 1000+ points. Also wanted to ask, did you guys change any sensitivity settings in-game? I'm finding it really hard to kill people at close range as I keep missing shots.

The game was destined to fail, not surprising that lobbies can’t be filled with crossplay off. Ada has a very steep learning curve, although I’m good at pvp games I could never really play her well. The crazy good ada’s are most likely on m&k, or they are aimbotting because crossplay sadly includes pc players.

I recommend boosting everything at this point, Im sure it way harder now than around launch even with the mmr system.


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