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Big Brother and Overwatch Lag

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I played two coop missions, Overwatch and Big Brother, but they were too laggy and virtually impossible to play. Do other people here face the same problem? Please let me know if you know how to fix this.


I know nobody who plays this game with me offline, so this lag problem is really annoying. I have even tried doing it on my own using two controllers. 

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At the moment? If it is not always, I will just wait.

I have just finished overmatch by myself using two controllers and it wasn't much fun. Apparently, big brother is more difficult and I doubt I can beat it alone. Shame, I never had this kind of problem with other CoDs.

Thank you for the info.

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It's much easier than you think. Move the on the ground until enemies spawn and hide behind a cover. Switch your controller, use the gunner to wipe them out. Then, the one on the ground advances again. You just repeat this until you get to the evacuation point. There are a few youtube videos that tell you where you should hide. It will take only a few tries for each mission although I am not sure if you find it enjoyable.

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