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Kids playing Minecraft MP


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I'm not sure about restrictions for kids under 10, but before loading a world it should say something about options and there it should let you enable 'online game' or perhaps not.

If the game is set to online, PSN friends can join that game, and if friends of friends can join is enabled in options they can join aswell. Unfortunately they won't let you connect to random player's worlds so to be able to play on someone's world they need to be a PSN friend.


I'm hoping the problem is one of those, because I don't know much about restrictions. I hope this helps. :)

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I think it just had a little delay between me removing all their restrictions and it actually taking effect, but they're playing online now. If anyone wants to help them friend NinjaPigman. So far they got me to try it out, and me and a PSN friend of mine are the only ones they've gotten to MP with.

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