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need help:(

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Hi I remember when I played U3 1-2 years ago I was able to play co-op arena solo but now I can not it only says: ''Your party does not have enough members for the selected game'' Wut happened did they patched it? :(

You can play solo in split-screen if you have another controller. Otherwise you can't start a custom game without at least another player.

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I think they mean that one of the other players in your party did not download/buy the co-op mode. All the players in a party must have the co-op purchased/downloaded already. The 'Free-to-play Uncharted 3' option for the online-mode does not include the co-op part. So if even one person doesn't have the co-op mode, nobody in your party can play co-op (co-op arena/adventure). & not sure exactly what you mean when you say you played co-op solo :huh: ....cuz co-op needs at least 2 players to start the epicness lol. However, once in a blue moon when all the party members have died while in co-op arena, or while they're down, or even say for example someone leaves, or 2 leave making your party number 1 or 2 out of 3, --AND if other players are seacrhing for a game, this will leave room for more players to enter. Thus, until the new players arrive in your party to make it 3 out of 3 again--until they come to your group--you can technically play solo for abit till they do so. Hope i helped somehow! =D 

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Really fun game =]  & sure all you gotta do is just buy the full game of Uc3 and it's co-op capabilities, and just search for a co-op game. It'll just pair you up with people who are also looking for a co-op game online without the need of a second controller necessarily. But yeah, there's also the option if you have a buddy over and you wanna play co-op with them, then you'd need a second controller.

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