Resident Evil RE:Verse | Raccoon City Survival Squad Trophy Guide | Full Game [4k 60fps]

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I will play one full match as each character and achieve first place, unlocking the trophy:

- Raccoon City Survival Squad -

Place first in a match once each as Chris, Jill, Leon, Claire, Ada, and Hunk. [Gold]


Playable characters you need to win a match with:

Chris Redfield



Claire Redfield

Ada Wong



The hardest characters to win with is Ada and Claire by far. There abilities and weapons ar not as good as other characters. If you have a couple of players playing Chris in the same game, then you´re in for a difficult win - He´s way to OP.

This one video covering the whole game. All characters, monsters and maps. RE RE:Verse got released along with Resident Evil 8: Village Gold Edition.



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