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Unearthly Apothecary Trophy

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I was wondering if the amount of Elixir's you give to one of the Soul Seed's guys carry over the NG+? i already beat the game and i'm on my second playthrough however i don't know if the amount of Soul seeds given carry over the NG+ or i need to start over until i collect 100 in order to purchase an Elixir.

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I don't believe they do, but if your looking for an Elixir it's much easier to get one through the Outerworld service.

I may have got lucky but I found my Elixir on the second NPC I talked to.

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I believe you only need 80 souls seeds to get elixir in NG+ compare to the 100 that you would've need in your first playthrough


That's what my guide said, but it didn't work.


The guide had a table with the values below:


New game
20 - Hero's Potion
40 - Crusader's Potion
60 - Ether
80 - Phoenix Wing
100 - Elixir
New Game+
20 - Refresher
40 - Ether
60 - Phoenix Wing
80 - Elixir
100 - Turbo Ether


But when I got the 80th seed on New Game+ I got another Phoenix Wing. So I had to collect 100 anyway.


It's pretty easy once you have enough time remaining.

On day 9, go to the Highway, walk until you find that chaos fog...find an enemy inside, go into battle.

Then escape from battle and collect the seeds on the floor. The seeds respawn after 1 in-game hour, and using the ability Escape adds one hour to the clock.


Doing this you should get 2 or 3 every in-game hour...

If you don't care about the Elixir, save the game previously and load it once you get the trophy so you don't lose time.



I gotta say the Elixir saved my hide on the last boss on hard mode, though..

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