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The Bear and the Wolf

God of War: Ragnarok


It's finally done, and I'll be putting my thoughts about the game in a spoiler which will contain many spoilers. 


What can I say about the game. I'm so 50/50 about it. There were definitely points where I really loved it but then some points were just a real slog to get through. 



The story for the most part was solid. I felt engaged and it was really well written. There were however parts that dragged on including the infamous Angroboda part which was far too long and didn't fit so well with the plot. But the story didn't feel rushed at all like some games you get to the end, and it feels like all of a sudden, they need to wrap everything up quickly and it don't make sense. This didn't happen here and even if the future was easily foreseeable it still contained some twists along the way which I'll refrain from naming all of, but I'm still upset about Brok dying and Sindri now hating us. 

Side Missions 

The side missions were tiresome, your same old kill all ravens, get all apples/horns and there was a lot of backtracking. Killing the berserkers was just a standard mini-boss fight with no real tactics or skill involved including the final king and lacked the impact the Valkyries had in the 2018 one. I would have liked to have seen more meaningful side missions that related to the story more with the only one I can think of is the Brok funeral which gave me feels and finding the real Tyr or is he which was a complete surprise. The raven boss after killing all ravens was a nice touch but again, fairly simple and just a normal mob upgraded to a mini boss. The crucible was a slog I remember having the repeat the same challenges in a certain order to unlock a new challenge and it just got repetitive quickly. All in all the cleanup wasn't too long but a lot was running around figuring out puzzles and collecting stuff. 

The bad stuff

I'm sure a lot of people have already brought this up in other posts but Mimir and Freya just need to be quiet more. They never stop talking and it's always the same stuff. Telling me how to solve puzzles as soon as I get there like I need to hurry up, telling me when I'm on fire or bifrost, thanks I can see that myself as you also state. It's just really frustrating and brings the game down a lot. Especially in post game when you're just running around cleaning stuff up and they say things like "you should go to the pond" "are you going to the pond brother" "another crystal you have a lot, maybe take a visit to the pond" "cleaning them crystals for the pond brother" I found myself saying shut up way too much and getting truly frustrated over repetitive lines more than anything. 

The good stuff

The story was solid, the graphics was amazing, the combat was for the most part smooth apart from parrying which I never did in the end and I liked how they tried new things, even if it didn't always worked. I liked the sleds as a mode of transport and would have liked more and I also liked playing as Atreus but maybe a little bit less of him would have been the perfect balance and used him more as just pushing the story forward than all this combat and I still can't figure out the bear/wolf transformation and why it changes but maybe I missed something. It was still nice though


The graphics of the game are truly outstanding and even through the post game I felt immersed and helped prolong the games staying power through the post game. The only bad thing I can say is that the game has to run on performance high fps because it is juttery in graphics mode which I like to play in sometimes if it's single player and there is no noticeable frame drop. 


All in all I'd rate the game a 7/10 and if it wern't for Mimir and Freya repeating themselves would have probably given a 9/10 but it just frustrated me way too much 

Difficulty maybe a 3/10. It really isn't a hard game and even the Valkyrie queen was a lot easier than Sigrun by the end of the game. All other bosses were fairly standard in difficulty. 



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I'm a bit late to this post but, welcome to the checklist part of the forums! It's always nice to see new faces. You've got some impressive completions! And also some games in your backlog that I need to finish as well. Looking forward to reading your thoughts on them :3 


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Thanks :) the backlog has definitely grown a bit out of control so hopefully I can use this as a checklist and reminder on what I want to play and also remember some of the games I've really enjoyed 


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Man - welcome to the the fun / noose around the neck (depending on the time of day / perspective) that is the checklists! 😜



You got some great games both in the completed, and in the backlog sections, and I can feel the game enthusiasm dripping off that first post - already looking forward to following along with this one!


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:platinum: 108

Masters of the Multiverse

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart



Wow, what can I say about this game. This really blew me away and left me happily surprised. I like the Ratchet & Clank series but this one really pushed the boundaries in every single way. The graphics were pristine, the platforming was amazing, and the combat was fun. They really showed what the PS5 can do and what to expect from future next gen games once cross gen becomes a thing of the past. The game was a little short for the £60 price tag and happy I picked this up in the sale, but I think the game was still the perfect length and avoided dragging on and getting boring. If it had been any longer it would have ended up containing them annoying trophies like getting 1m bolts, upgrading all weapons, all gold bolts etc. 

The story was actually engaging, had twists and was so much more than whooping Dr Nefarious for the thousandth time. I felt hooked and wasn't just playing through the game to get to the next boss. There was a meaning this time. 

The collectibles weren't overbearing, and a lot of trophies popped from gameplay. I maybe spent an hour cleaning up the rest in the end.

I'd rate the game 10/10 and really can't fault anything about it.

Difficulty is 2/10, really easy and a very refreshing break from grindy, hard games. 


Highly Recommended though on a discount. £60 is a very steep price for a game that takes 1-2 days to complete and plat 


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:platinum: 109 

A Sonic Hero

Sonic Forces



What can I say apart from the worst Sonic game I've ever played by a long shot. It's such a grind right from the start going through 30 missions plus the extra missions after, then the need to replay for the red rings, number rings and moon rings, plus replaying for all the challenges missed for example the speed challenges. Every trophy is grindy locked behind leveling up every avatar, unlocking all wisps, completing all challenges and unlocking all items. If that wasn't enough, you need to grind out 100k rings which killed what was already a really poor game. I don't understand the avatar gimmick or the point apart from extra unnecessary grinding. Why I need to grind out all different types of avatars is a mystery and it's not quickly done either. In the end I had to manipulate the date to unlock the bonus exp for it to be do able. They have zero meaning to the story apart from occasionally Sonic disappears and it's up to the "rookie" that no one ever believes in though no one else seems all too busy to help but instead wants to keep putting the rookie down but they all jump to help their favourite blue hedgehog whose ego is so big he can do everything by himself.

They even managed to ruin the classic Sonic levels through bad controls where you go from barely moving to flying at sonic speed making precise jumps frustrating. These controls run through the entire game where they are unresponsive, flying off the map when using Sonic boost, homing attacks not registering. 

The voices are just irritating, and Sonic should just go back to the quiet hedgehog instead of commenting on every single thing he sees, does and thinks. 

I have zero positive things to say about this game and is a prime example on how Sega went from dominating the gaming franchise to being unable to put out a decent game that made their franchise to begin with. 


1/10 rating for this game easily 

4/10 difficulty, just because of the speed challenges but could be a 3/10. The ultra-rare is not because of difficulty but because of the world's longest grind in an awful game.


Not recommended 


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:platinum: 110

All Trophies Obtained 

Horizon Forbidden West 




The story is unfortunately weaker than its predecessor in my opinion. A rot taking over the world, killing everything and Alloys mission is to find the cause and stop it. Not much more is given to the story at the start and the twists just didn't work for me. Sylens is working towards the same thing but acts like he's against Alloy without any real reasoning apart from Alloy being too rash. It was just a weak set up to drag out a plot that made little sense. The companions appear from nowhere without real reason to them being there apart from Alloy needing an army to help take down the Zeniths and it's hard to feel invested with any of them when they are all pretty annoying and Alloy herself isn't invested. Varl dies, do a short mission and then he's never mentioned again. They are just all too easily convinced to join your expedition to save the world and probably die trying. Even Regalla who's been trying to kill you and every Tenakth from the start of the game was just like ok you beat me so I'll join you. 

 It doesn't have that same impact as that Nora girl who was shunned from the tribe, lost her father figure and was hated amongst other Nora but still found it in her to save everyone and go against all odds.


Amazing graphics in a bang average game unfortunately. I guess I'll start with the positives and that is that the graphics were just mind blowing. From footprints in the sand, swimming in the water, shielding her eyes from the sun, it had it all. The variety of scenery was amazing. There were the snowy mountains, the sand swept deserts, the vibrant beaches, luscious jungles and every part of the map was different, filled with extreme detail and it felt fresh to play. The voice acting felt a little stiff this time around unfortunately though the facial movements and lip syncing was spot on. The cut scenes were spectacular and was like watching a movie at times. I'd say it's even graphically better than Ragnarok though it's hard to compare them when Horizon definitely has a lot more pop in the colour palette and makes things stand out more. 


The side missions were plentiful and all different, they felt rewarding and never dragged the game down even with the many different types from gauntlet runs, camp outposts, hunting lodges, ruins, arenas, melee pits, side missions with more in depth dialogue, flying mount missions, the list goes on but it never once felt overbearing because completing anywhere near all of them wasn't necessary for the platinum.

 The machines were far more varied from flying machines, big machines, small ones, ones that swam and it felt nice that I didn't fight the same thing over and over again. As to the actual fighting it felt clunky at times on higher difficulties where you could get stun locked between multiple machines, Alloy taking forever getting up and even dodging one attack may not give another space or time to dodge a follow up so the timing of Iframes felt a bit pointless. One of the most annoying was loading up the cross bolt and getting hit when about to use a burst shot makes your whole mag disappear without firing a single bolt. Also combat made using the spear near pointless and was overly complicated with hundreds of different combinations so I just stuck with headshots and stealth for the most part.

 The platforming left a lot to be desired which is unfortunate as it makes up a big chunk of the game and it was slow, clunky, jumps would be missed and it had an AC style parkour system just slowed down a bit too much to make it work properly. It lacked that fluid motion where you could go from one spot to the other and some gaps required jumping, others she would jump automatically, even if the distance was the same and I just felt it was a mess with the accessibility options the only thing saving it from complete failure because sure, in cauldrons and such you can see clearly with yellow marked objects what you can climb but mountains and the like was impossible so it was a game of mashing R3 to look for resources, loot and also where you could climb.    

 The variation in the game felt refreshing with the shield wing, mounts, flying mounts, different items for puzzles later in the game. It introduced the new additions in a fluid way where by the time you was ready for something was around the time you unlocked something new with the flying mount being a gamechanger of exploring the map though it did allow to cheat some things for example the tall necks I could just fly up but avoiding any kind of platforming is just a big plus. 

 I also noticed a new trend following Sony games after playing 3 in a row and that's the handholding and telling me everything little thing I need to do at all times which gets annoying when it can get repeated 2-3 times whilst you're on your way to doing said thing. Hopefully this trend doesn't last long.


The story was lack lusting, the combat was clunky and the platforming slow and annoying.

I still had fun with the game though but it wasn't as good as expected. 


Fun 7/10 

Difficulty 3/10


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:platinum: 111

My Living Legacy 

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion



Come on man! That's exactly how I felt when playing this game. This is easily top 5 worst games I've ever played, worst Final Fantasy game ever played and possibly even the worst game full stop. I felt myself constantly wondering if I'd ever played a game as bad as this without coming up with an answer. 

What does a game need? Bad Rng? Check! Grindy? Check! Repetitive? Double Check!

The Good

I'll get the good stuff out of the way first because that's easier. The summons looked nice, that's pretty much it. 

The Bad

There's so much that just really got to me with this game that I don't even know where to start. I don't understand how they can take the concept from the Final Fantasy VII Remake and just completely butcher it. This is a game designed for both PS5 and PS4 and still looks worse than the Remake that originally only came out on the PS4. It's the same few maps and scenery throughout the game, the camera is awful during battle constantly unlocking from enemies and getting spun around, the 300 missions of rinse and repeat, running around the border of the map to avoid enemies every 2 seconds, hovering when walking, the same noise when walking no matter what you're walking on, the grass doesn't even move when walking through it. My biggest gripe though is how a massive game developer ships out a dub version to get it out quicker because 35 games in a year isn't enough. The game just lacks any passion as previous games and it hurts when Final Fantasy has been my favorite series for the better part of a decade. 

I never played the original version and I understand it came out on PSP which I'm sure worked fine back in the day but when we get mindblowing games like the colours from Forbidden West, Ragnarok, filled with detail from footprints to guarding your face from the sun and we are meant to accept a dubbed, floaty repetitive mapped game with 300 missions as filler then I cant. I even played on hard all the way up until the Sephiroth fight when he's coming closer and it was just impossible to deal enough damage before him knocking me off the edge and I was forced to lower the difficulty which really frustrated me. I would have been fine if it was skill that I lacked but because I couldn't deal enough damage, missed some gear or whatever just made it really annoying. It destroyed all my hype for 16 though I'll probably get it but if it does anything less than blow my mind then it will unfortunately be the end of the road for me and Square. 

 I didn't really understand the story all to well or what it was meant to be telling me until chapter 8ish. Then it starts getting into details over how Cloud became a super soldier, how sephiroth became evil, how all of Clouds thoughts and experiences were actually Zacks after the Mako poisoning. Before all this it was just about the war with Wutai, the other first soldiers, how Zack became first and just a lot of pointless filler as if it was trying to give everyone a back story but overloaded and failed. Maybe I missed something or didn't pay close enough attention through my pain but I didn't like the story until it was basically over

A really horrible trophy list where basically everything is missable and you need a guide from the start. I missed 1 mail sender and had to burn through the entire game because of no chapter select and get all mails again because they don't carry over just for that 1 mail I missed previously. I had saves for every chapter because of the missables but that couldn't save me from this fate even. I'm just happy the pain is over.


Difficulty: 3/10 

Fun: 1/10 

Recommend: No


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:platinum: 112 

Platinum Trophy

Mortal Kombat X



A truly amazing game and my favourite fighting franchise. I remember playing it on the Genesis some 20+ years ago, trying the figure out how to do the fatalities, the uppercut down the pit being a classic one and they kept true to the basics of the original characters, their catchphrases and their personalities. Some things didn't quite go so well along the franchises path but this one hits all the fundamentals and what the game is all about. Blood, gore, creativity and a little humour. It has a strong mixture of characters even if I dislike this locking characters behind paid DLC. I still dream of another mega roster like Deadly Alliance but I think that's just a dream. 

I'm not sure what to say about the story mode as it took me 6 years to plat the game so it's definitely gone from memory but I remember the stories being fairly strong even if most of the time it revolves around saving Earthrealm but they build on the characters so well, give them personalities and build on their backstory which makes it more than a straight fighting game. 

The graphics and game still hold up even now after all this time and with 11 being out for some time as well. The X-Rays were a nice addition for extra violence but they were a little over exaggerated and long animations but still good when you need to get out of a tight spot. I didn't explore the fatalities and brutalities a great deal but the ones I did looked amazing and very inventive but again they were extremely long animations which didn't make it worth it once you'd already seen it. 

 The trophies, oh god the trophies were such a grind which I had the persevere with over a long 6 years of putting on my backlog constantly but I'm happy to say I got it with a few thousand matches in 2-player to speed things up. It says I done it in 94 hours which I find hard to believe with the amount of grindy trophies there are from leveling every faction to 50, leveling yourself to 65 which was an extreme grind and to find 50 modifiers which basically only appear in towers that show up every hour and you need to hope you haven't done that tower before. 

I still had a lot of fun with the game but the trophies did try to kill that fun and it would have been a lot less fun and more of a chore if I did it all in one go. 


Enjoyment 8/10

Recommend? Yes if not going for trophies, otherwise be prepared for a very long grind 


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:platinum: 113

The End 

Immortals Fenyx Rising 



Wow this game was so rough to slog through in the end. It took me 38 hours in total to finish in which the story took around 15 hours. Another collectathon from Ubisoft which really ruined what could have been a decent game. 

Many times I thought, today is the day I finish it to get hit with even more grind and everything taking so much longer than it should have. 

The story 
The story was decent for the most part and the narrating angle was nice. I love Greek mythology and that's what peeked my interest initially. It wasn't too serious with quite a few jokes and the characters were half decent, even if some could have done with better voice acting, especially Fenyx and Aphrodite who were just awful. 
The story starts out with everyone getting turned to stone apart from a nobody who ends up being a Demi-God himself and his brother who is supposedly some hero who winds up being an actual coward. They end up working for opposite sides until Fenyx finds out his brother isn't actually stone and what his plans are so like any good brother would do, pummels him until he cries. 
The story moves at a good pace the whole way through, revealing stories of the gods as Fenyx rescues them and also Zeus's side of the coin and the things he has done to them. 
It attempts to touch on some feelings where Zeus ends up feeling guilty for being a horrible father but it fails through all the jokes and banter along the way to succeed in any emotional attachment.

The graphics 

The game is truly magnificent to look at and gives off strong Zelda windwaker/Breath of the Wild vibes. The colours pop and are vibrant with a lot of different landscapes to snowy mountains and sandy deserts. The water is also truly amazing and even though the graphics are on the anime side, it has one of the best water details ever, especially when diving under water and the sounds actually sound like real water. The graphics are definitely 10/10 and suit this style of game perfectly. 

The mechanics 

The game falls short a lot here with the mechanics on a lot of different levels. Traversing around the map is a chore which is a shame for such a gorgeous game. The biggest pain is climbing in where Fenyx struggles so badly to climb anything and it takes an age and believe me, there's a lot of climbing involved to clean this game up. In the end I did anything to avoid climbing another wall of building.
The flying is decent though it's more gliding until running out of stamina but you can glide pretty far once you've leveled up the stamina a bit. The disappointing part is that mounts can't fly or glide even though some of them have wings and I think that would have made exploration a lot more enjoyable and easier, especially post game when there's still over 20 hours of clean up to be done.
The double jump was horrendously bad and left me frustrated plenty of times. If you get to close to an edge when attempting to jump, it will use your second jump instead and not allow for a double jump. This was frustrating, especially in the vaults where you can't climb and it led to many deaths and getting sent back to the last checkpoint. 
The swimming was awful as well and I know, I praised the water details and said they were amazing but swimming on the surface was like a dolphin dying. Underwater worked great but then you run out of stamina quicker but out in the sea, I didn't swim and jumped my way through instead because it was that painful. 


There was a lot of variation and it could have felt extremely fresh if the collectibles weren't milked to death. There was many different puzzles and brain teasers which really had you guessing sometimes but when there's a few hundred of them it becomes a pain to spend 10 mins on figuring out one. Some were also quick and simple and they ranged from shooting through rings to light a fire at the end, rearranging blocks to create a picture, racing from 1 point to another in a time limit and so on. But everything contained a puzzle in the end and it got painful when you needed to solve a puzzle just to open a chest. 

The mob variation was also nice and ranged from all kinds of mythical beasts to ogres, harpies, griffins, minotaur's, boars, bears, soldiers, the list goes on. But you become so overpowered in the end that it takes a couple of hits to kill most things. Sure it would take a lot more if I played on a harder difficulty but I had no incentive to gruel out an already long repetitive game by adding a difficulty spike to the mix. I'd have preferred playing on a harder difficulty and having a quarter of the collectibles. 

There's a lot of variation in the armour, weapons, phoenixes and mounts also which I liked and constantly changed what skin I had and collecting the mounts wasn't too bad and you didn't have to go out of your way for the phoenixes either but the weapons and armour, I never got all of but they were mainly cosmetic and didn't add so much more to combat. 


The combat was dull and boring by the end. You become so overpowered that everything is a couple of hits and I just used the hammer skill and dragged anything flying for a quick melee combo and I did that for every encounter as soon as I had unlocked them and every other skill didn't exist. 

The combat was fairly fluid and easy but the parry skill became pointless because a lot of mobs used attacks that couldn't be parried so it was just a lot easier to dodge attacks and be certain. 


The plague to an otherwise ok game. The game didn't even have you do everything and still I got burned out in the end. There's 80 official puzzles that are needed, 25 vaults, completely cleared including getting the chests, a ton of ambrosia shards to level up health, even more vaults are needed to max lightning, at least 25 guarded chests, 10 night chests, all side quests, lieutenants, legendary creatures and more and you'll still be grinding out currency to upgrade every piece of armour to max. 

My last trophy was cutting down trees for 308 golden amber in which you get 1-2 for every glowing tree and I ended up saving and reloading to make all trees spawn to lessen the pointless tediousness. 


The difficulty is probably a 2/10 
I had no issues with anything and nothing posed a real challenge apart from not letting myself go insane from the grind

Fun started at about a 6/10 but the never-ending collectibles left it as a 4/10 and just wanting the pain to stop 


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:platinum: 114

Le Platinum Trophy

Cat Quest 



This game surprised me on so many levels. One that I picked up for $2 on sale might I add and this is definitely up there with one of the best indie games I've played and I enjoyed every minute of it. 

The game is extremely short but was the perfect length. I was about done with the game by the end and felt it didn't have much left to offer but it didn't overstay it's welcome, drive me to madness in a never ending grind. It listened to me and said, that's enough. The story was really well written with some twists at the end that were impossible to see coming. The graphics, though simple looked really nice, the colours popped and the lines were crisp. There was a lot of cat jokes that I expected would just become a drag to listen to but they were actually funny and fit the scenarios perfectly. I can't praise this game enough and on discount is definitely worth picking up. I'd probably even pay the $10 for it even though I finished it in a day, it's just that good. 

The game progressed at an enjoyable rate through being able to walk on water and when walking across a reasonable size map back and forth started to get tiresome then flying was unlocked though I did go through the side quests a lot parallel to the main quest but, the flying ability really changed the whole game. Getting across the map was a breeze and without it the game would have dragged on so much. 

The trophies were exactly how trophies are suppose to be. Clear all dungeons, progress through the story, clear side quests, level up, obtain all skills and finish main quest. All other trophies unlocked beside them and the only trophy I went a little bit out of my way with was levelling to level 99 but there was a quick way to level. 

This game is up there with the AAA games in terms of enjoyment and doesn't stick around so long that you get sick of it. 


Difficulty 1/10 

Enjoyment 7/10 


Get this Purrfect game now!! 


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:platinum: 115

Great Protecter of Radaxian 

Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX 




What I can say is never go back to retro classics you once loved unless you want to destroy that nostalgic image. I already knew the game was tough from being the first game I ever played and I can say if there wasn't any infinite lives cheat I would have never made it. I just got frustrated with the random hitboxes and the dodgy old school controls but I went back and relived a classic one last time. The game was a lot shorter than I expected as I remember spending countless hours playing this growing up but that could also be the lack of a memory card and the way games were played and repeated in the past. Brought back some nostalgia to begin with but I regret ruining the image of the game I grew up with and how a built in game into the master system was revolutionary like stumbling onto something that shouldn't be there. 

It was quite cool being able to toggle between modern and retro mode and they made it look really cool with the fresh modern look though I toggled between retro a lot to get that nostalgic kick and a look at some levels my 6 year old self never quite made it to. 

It's worth giving a shot if you have nostalgia growing up with this game otherwise it's quite a bad game that doesn't hold up against other side scrollers and the only work done is through the modern graphics and colours. The controls are clunky and make the game frustrating as hell. 


Fun - 5/10 for nostalgic reasons 

Difficulty - 3/10 without infinite lives probably would be closer to an 8/10 


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:platinum: 116 

Noble Achievement 

inFamous First Light 


The story is so goth teen with "neon"? super powers. I don't understand the gimmick but hey ho. This teen is an ex junky and her brother has always protected her and kept her safe. Her brother ends up getting kidnapped and she is forced to help the kidnappee in order for him to remain safe and hopefully be let free. 

There's not much else to say about the story without spoiling the entire thing and it had a good base but it chose not to go with it and just be something quick in possibly wrapping up the whole inFamous series perhaps. 

There isn't so much to say about this game. I do wonder if it would have been better to play straight after second son and treated more as a DLC or continuum of the main game but as a standalone game it doesn't hold up unfortunately. The story is extremely short and most of the game is in the arena doing easy enough challenges for no reason and getting collectibles, again for no reason as the story is over before it starts. It was an ok game to burn some time and break my bigger games up but I don't really see the point in the game and why it wasn't a DLC. 

 The graphics are meh at best and I feel that the first inFamous even looked better. The camera angel was awful when speeding around and would often get caught under bridges and create a lot of dark spots making it hard to see. This was even more noticeable in the arena when speeding to try and create space. 

There's not really much more to say about the game apart from that it didn't compliment the series in any way and I'm glad I resisted the urge to try and complete the series sooner by buying it and took advantage of my PS+ instead. 


Difficulty 2/10 

Enjoyment 4/10 

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