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What Old PC game would you want ported over to PS5?


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Crysis Warhead is one. It shouldn't be too tough for Crytek to bring over, considering they've remastered the original Crysis. I'm surprised they didn't go for it already.


Also, the two Zwei games (Arges Adventure and Ilvard Insurrection) by Falcom. The PC version is good even if it's 30 FPS locked. That said, if they make a new PS5 one I'd like to see the framerate raised to 60.

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The old Star Trek point and click games.

The 7th Guest/The 11th Hour - the first cd-rom game I ever played.

Myst and it's sequels.

Drowned God: Conspiracy of the Ages - a 'game' about the many conspiracies of our unatural world. :ninja: AKA Fortean Times: The Game

The two X-Files games.


Probably more that I'm forgetting....

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Xcom terror from the deep.

Best tactical game I've ever played.


Enemy Nations would be interesting to see, since the number of opponents was based on your pc specs. 100+ opponents in real time, was incredible for 1997. Scaling would easily go above 10k opponents with today's tech. 

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This one right here:




I adored this game as a kid, and the expansion Creature Isle wasn't half bad either. Black & White 2 was definitely not quite as fun or memorable (or its expansion), but I definitely enjoyed my time with it as well.


I've always kinda lamented the fact that Fable is the more beloved Lionhead series. While I did enjoy Fable and its sequel (never played 3 though), I can't say I loved them, just liked 'em. And all these years later, it seems Fable is again the chosen game to get revived, and Black & White is left to history once more. Feels bad man.


They were developing a Black & White game for DS that ended up getting cancelled, which remains one of the games I'm most upset got cancelled. Some footage for the game emerged online last year, around the same time the Dinosaur Planet prototype was also uploaded.

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Too many and most of them are RTS. Some titles:


Age of Empires 1, 2 and 3

Age of Mythology 1 and The Titans

Rise of Nations

Stronghold and Stronghold Crusader

a working Titan Quest, not the crappy Ps4 version


and why not, Morrowind and Oblivion



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