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Why do people already have access?


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22 minutes ago, SoLiD_FLaMezZx said:

It's only the 12th November and people almost have the platinum... do they get early access or how can they already play the game? Release date is the 17th November.


its amazing how many people don't understand review copies, people with friends who work at stores and stores themselves. Not hard to get games as soon as they're at a store it you know the right people.

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1 hour ago, Play3GianniGreed said:

Review copies get released early so people who writes the reviews can play the game one or two weeks before the release date. 

It's a well known thing. 


1 hour ago, DeadDexterous said:

Likely got themselves a review key.

Some games come out earlier in different regions also.


Also, some stores don't care about release date embargoes so ship out games and films early and damn the consequences. 

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