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P.s Plus games you would love to see next month?


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P.S Plus will hopefully be going strong for Ps3 users for a while. Sony never seems to disappoint me with the games they add every month. What are some games you think they should add to the IGC for upcoming months?


Personally, i'd like to see The Last of Us but that probably wouldn't happen at least for a while


Realistically, I think maybe Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist may be a viable option. 

Possibly Dead Space 3? Arkham Origins? Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel?

I think these are all realistic predictions.


Or for Indie games; rain. Limbo, etc.

what do you guys think?

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It's too soon for Arkham Origins - that game just came out at the end of last year. I would HIGHLY DOUBT that will happen any time soon.


You have to look at Sony's track record to see possible games could come out for plus...


Ao2 Devil's Cartel is very possible, PS+ tends to do 3rd person shooters A LOT


Dead Space 3 is possible too, even more than Army of 2. esp. with the financial blunders that the game has went through plus, once again, 3rd person shooters seem to be popular lately...


I could see them to putting Far Cry 3 or Far Cry Bloodcry (or whatever it's called) or AC3 for US since US tends to get stuff EU got like a couple of months ago. I could also see them putting Playstation All stars battle royale for PS+ in the near future since it's owned by Sony and flopped pretty badly. Also with Dark Souls 2 coming out and MGS Ground Zero coming out, It wouldn't surprise me to see Dark Souls 1 or MG Revengence come out for plus. They kind of done the same thing with Tomb Raider this month and the Definitive edition coming out a little over a month ago. 

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I know this is wishful thinking but I've been waiting for Dishonored and MGS:REVENGEANCE (US)

The US getting MGR is extremely unlikely for one reason, they got the Blade Wolf & Jetstream Sam DLC for free because they didn't get it for PS+, for PAL it was the reverse, we got MGR on PS+ so we still have to pay for those 2 pieces of DLC. It would be unfair for the US to get it, unless we get the DLC free too (doubt that too).


I would like seeing Saints Row IV on PS+, even though I'd get the censored Australian version, it'd also allow me to get the platinum again. I just hope we don't get another FPS, I have nothing against the genre, I just totally suck at them.

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I know this isn't exactly the right thread but I know its somewhere. Whats the site to add the PS4 games from PS Plus to my cart if I don't have a PS4 yet?


You'll get redirected to your country's store upon signing in, just use the search bar at the top of the page to find the PS4 games. :lol:


EDIT: Why won't the parts surrounding the link go?

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Far Cry 3 and AC 3 won't be added. At least I HIGHLY doubt it. They're both 2012 games.

I can maybe see Beyond: Two Souls, Thieves In Time, Army of Two, and Splinter Cell more than anything

Ac 4 and Origins are both way too new. They won't come till Q4 2014 if they even do

Saints row IV Would be very interesting considering The Third was just free a few months ago

Also, MGR disappointed me. And Dishonored is a little old for the IGC. But I HIGHLY and let me repeat, HIGHLY recommend buying that game. Even better, the GOTY edition.

Another great hopeful option - Rayman Legends? What do people think of that? I would love too see that free.

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