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Least Favorite Level/Stage?


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Sometimes when playing a game we really like we come across an area that's not so good.  What level/stage of an otherwise good game do/did you absolutely abhor having to play through one or more times to get a platinum?


For me this is pretty easy. 


Demon Souls stage 5-2 the swamp. 


I loved the game, didn't mind playing the levels multiple times but I really really hated this area.  This is the only stage of this otherwise great game that I really dreaded having to go back to.  This was compounded by the fact that this was the only good place to farm marrowstone.

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Just about any place that's dark, narrow, and has lots of water like a sewer or a flooded tunnel/dungeon. As much as I liked Fallout 3 I hated the idea of going through the subways to get somewhere I hadn't explored because there's no telling how many Ghouls or Super Mutants that were waiting to jump you.

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Trine 2's Searock Castle on the hardest difficulty was terrible. It wasn't too hard enough to get to the end... but then they smack you with a super hard boss battle. He just smacks you around like a damn beach ball. Must've taken at least 10 retries.

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Ice levels, water levels, desert levels...basically a lot of level types I hate are present in many of the Mario platformers.  Makes playing them a little more challenging, I guess.


Also fuck Gloomy Galleon in Donkey Kong 64.  I don't even mind Rusty Bucket Bay in Kazooie that much anymore, after I finally got that last jiggy in the engine room...a lot easier now that I've refined my platforming skills.  Screw Grunty Industries in Tooie though, that place can get overwhelming.

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