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Mirror of Fate Connection

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I am playing this game after finishing the first Lord of Shadow and before the 2nd one. I have found that the story of this game explains so much in terms of the Castlevania universe that hasn't previously been explored.

I am really enjoying the direction they have taken with the story telling and the characters they have introduced. I was very skeptical before I played Lords of Shadow 1, being such a huge Castlevania fan, but the reboot to me has proven itself very viable.

If you enjoy the story, this game is a must play.

Gameplay is pretty much an HD revamped of a 2-D side scroller with platforming elements, but I found it alot of fun and nostalgic in ways.

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I loved the first lords of shadow (huge Castlevania fan anyway) and am really enjoying the second one at the moment.

I was going to play mirror of fate before LOS2 but didn't get the time. That said I will get to it at some point, just wished they released it on VITA too seems more suited to a handheld rather than PS3.

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