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Game looks like a lot of fun. Also I heard the list was very typical for the co-op game.

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Platinum'd the PS5 version. Trophies are straightforward except for the chicken boss trophy.


You'll need to play as Jazz Amun (the frog with the afro) and pick up the chicken staff as secondary weapon (there are three different secondary weapon pickups for each of the four characters). You'll get one for sure in stage 3 (pirate stage) and one in stage 6 (ice stage).


Keep the staff until the boss (do not pick up any other secondary weapon) and defeat him with the final blow coming from the staff (hit with triangle button). You'll get the trophy when the boss turns into a chicken rather than the defeat animation.


Everything else will come naturally. The Yooka-Laylee pickup will only spawn in stage 7 (dinosaurs). You will come across a lone arcade machine and defeat a wave of enemies, after that the machine spawns the Yooka-Laylee pickup. Run to it and use R1 to pick it up and activate it for the trophy. 


Both trophies aren't missable because of chapter select.


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